'Guardians of the Galaxy' Writer Wants To Reboot Marvel's Ultimate Universe

Since Secret Wars wrapped up a few years ago, Marvel has focused on a singular universe with a simpler continuity. Now, there's at least one creator at the House of Ideas that is interested in helping bring Marvel's Ultimate Universe back.

According to Guardians of the Galaxy and Venom scribe Donny Cates, the idea of bringing back the alternate reality is intriguing, at the very least.

Though the Ultimate Universe has technically been "dead" since Secret Wars, the return of the alternate dimension was teased in the closing issue of Spider-Men II over a year ago. First introduced in 2000 as a way to combat convoluted continuity, Marvel introduced the Ultimate Universe as a vehicle to create new versions of classic characters in.

Thanks to the mega-hit Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse this past December, Miles Morales — one of the Ultimate Universe's biggest creations — is now a household name and is alive and well in Marvel's prime Earth-616 continuity.

Morales was a character crafted by Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli, the former of which happened to be one of the primary architects of all things Ultimate. With Bendis now under an exclusive contract at DC Comics, Marvel would need a fresh face to lead the charge on a new version of the universe.

Cates' quick time on Thanos last year is one of the most popular comics runs as of late and, in turn, has given the writer job security at the House of Ideas in the form of writing jobs for two monstrous Marvel titles — Venom and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Do you think Cates would be the right person to build a new Ultimate Universe? Who was your favorite Ultimate character? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!



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