Guardians Of The Galaxy Star Chris Pratt Accidentally Deletes Over 51,000 Emails

Chris Pratt has been in plenty of situations that Marvel fans would kill to be in. Flying across space with the Guardians of the Galaxy, surviving Jurassic World, even his time spent in Pawnee are all real highlights of his career. The tables have turned on him now though as Pratt has found himself in a place that none of us want to be in but also down a path so many regularly congregate. Pratt posted on his Instagram story about the insane amount of emails that were currently unread in his inbox, confirming the number was over 51,000, and that after his son chastised him he decided to do something about it.

"So yesterday my son was playing with my phone and he gasped in shock looking at the number of unread emails that I had," Pratt said. "It’s a lot. It’s a lot. I get it, I know, It's mostly junk. See, what I do is I sign up for everything. I sign up for everything. I’m one of those idiots who will do, like, an IQ test and be like, ‘Wanna take an IQ test? Give me your email.’ And then I do and, you know, which proves my IQ is about 7 and I just get junk from everyone and I just don’t erase it. But I also just want to apologize because there's a lot of emails in there where I just spaced out and didn't get back to you."

Pratt went on to reveal that he'd set himself a goal to get back to anyone that had sent him an important email and would be pairing down his inbox at the rate of 1,000 emails a day. The actor apparently changed his mind about that though as a follow-up video revealed he'd found himself accidentally deleting all of the emails after using a third-party software.

“Okay, okay. So I’m trying not to panic. I think I just tried something to delete anything unread and it just deleted them. And now, I’m like, ‘Oh no. I needed to read ‘em.’ I don’t know where they went. So, and now my battery’s dying. I think I got them all...If I owe you an email, you might want to follow up on that. Resubmit, perhaps, the email and then I’ll read it because it may have just gotten deleted. Yeah, 51,000 messages are in the trash. Oh, f—k.”

Pratt added, "What did I do, it's just deleting them all. All my email. Oh, my God. This could be a real nightmare.”


We just hope that one of those emails wasn't from Marvel Studios with an important update regarding Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 or the Guardians' appearance in Thor: Love and Thunder.

(H/T The Loop)