Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Director Teases Possible Voice Change For Baby Groot

For many fans, they were hooked on some kind of feeling after seeing Baby Groot in all his adorable cuteness. The sapling was first seen at the end of 2014's Guardians of the Galaxy, and honestly, who doesn't remember the alien's spot-on dance to Michael Jackson's "I Want You Back?" Attendees at this year's San Diego Comic Con confirmed they definitely wanted Baby Groot back when Marvel Studios announced Baby Groot would appear in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. And, now, fans are wondering what the iconic character might sound like when the film hits theaters.

Vin Diesel famously gave his vocal talents to the first GotG film for Groot, uttering the character's "I am Groot" phrase over and over again. The action star will be returning for the franchise's sequel, and Entertainment Tonight's Ashley Crossan decided to ask director James Gunn how Diesel will sound out Groot in GotG Vol. 2.

She asked, "Okay, so Baby Groot was kind of the big hit of the panel, I believe. Is Vin Diesel's voice going to be different or...?"

Shifting on his feet, Gunn responded by saying, "Well, that's a little secret we're holding out on because we don't know the answer. We're still figuring it out exactly. Vin and I have been dealing with it a lot and have been figuring out exactly the right way to do it, so it's taking some trial-and-error. But we're figuring it out."

I mean, it would be pretty hilarious to see Baby Groot sporting Diesel's deep voice. The juxtaposition between the two would be absolutely beautiful. And the questions now arising over the character's voice are now being coupled by fans who're wondering if Groot will be gifted with a larger vocabulary in GotG Vol. 2.

But, for now, fans will have to wait until the film hits theaters on May 5th 2017 to hear what Groot will sound like. If we're lucky, though, Marvel Studios might roll out their first trailer for the film, maybe even in a surprise preview ahead of Doctor Strange's impending premiere.