Hawkeye Star Recalls "Odd" Zoom Audition

Auditioning for a part in the Marvel Cinematic Universe can be stressful, especially when you're conducting the entire process on a computer screen. Video conferencing has become commonplace over the last two years, making things like acting auditions easier to conduct in the pandemic. Fre Fee, who stars as Kazi in Marvel Studios' Hawkeye, recently spoke to ComicBook.com and recalled his "odd" Zoom audition.

"Yeah, it was a Zoom thing, which I've come a little bit more used to now," Fee told us. "I mean, it's the oldest thing whenever you're reading scenes that are actually meant to very intimate and you've got that thing in the middle of the screen. But it was odd and that was something that we've all managed to adapt to. But that was how it happened, which is why I think the disbelief when I actually got cast was too was so paramount. Because all I'd done was do a few tips in my bedroom and all of a sudden I'm flying to Atlanta to be part of the MCU. Are you sure someone's not made a terrible, terrible mistake? But thankfully, it was all good, it was all good. I was meant to be there. It wasn't mistake."

Fee also opened up about learning he had landed the part of Kazi, saying that he didn't even believe his agent when he first got the call.

"It was completely and utterly insane," the actor said. "My agent called me on a Saturday, which was suspect because he's usually pottering in his garden at the weekends and told me that I'd been offered this part. And I think I was in the state of shock certainly for the first 10 minutes of the phone call order, and then so much so that he had to call me back and go, "yeah. So we did just have that conversation." I've been a massive fan of, of Marvel stories since I was a kid. I used to watch the Spiderman cartoons and I've been a massive fan of the MCU since Ironman. I think it's still one of my favorite films. So yeah, mind blown really, I have to say. But it's been the best experience ever. It really, really awesome."

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