'Aquaman's Jason Momoa Has Found Hawkeye

Justice League and Aquaman star Jason Momoa found Hawkeye — at a Cartier party in San [...]

Justice League and Aquaman star Jason Momoa found Hawkeye — at a Cartier party in San Francisco.

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Momoa shared a photo to Instagram Friday posed alongside wife Lisa Bonet and Marvel star Jeremy Renner, whose eagle-eyed superhero is expected to appear in Avengers: Infinity War but has yet to be revealed in promotional materials.

The bow-wielding Avenger has been excluded from all marketing and promotional materials save for a toy crossbow and a small appearance on the earliest Infinity War poster released during San Diego Comic Con 2017.

Despite his status as a founding member of the Avengers, the archer hasn't appeared in trailers or clips, and Renner isn't billed in the credits for any of the film's multiple posters — a move that has caused outcry from fans, who have taken to crafting their own Hawkeye-themed promos.

Infinity War directors Anthony and Joe Russo — who recently released a formal letter respectfully asking fans to avoid spoiling the movie — gave their explanation for the lack of Hawkeye, telling anxious and curious fans all answers will be revealed when the superhero team-up epic hits theaters.

Officially, Clint Barton is retired — he announced his exit from the superhero game in the Avengers: Infinity War Prelude comic book, resigning himself to simple farm life as the father of three young children.

The directing duo opened up to ComicBook.com about Hawkeye's place in the Avengers threequel, saying Barton "has a unique reaction to the Civil War situation that puts him in a special spot this film."

Momoa debuted as the aquatic superhero in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice before reprising his role as the whiskey-chugging and tattoo-sporting Atlantis outcast in Justice League.

The hero takes the lead in the James Wan-directed Aquaman, which is said to have earned good word of mouth after making its way in front of test audiences earlier this year.

Talking to ComicBook.com, Momoa described his DCEU solo outing as an action-packed road trip movie. In the wake of Justice League, Aquaman finds the Atlantean in his call to become king:

"The only thing that can save Atlantis is me fighting my own brother," Momoa said, promising a big battle and an epic fight.

"It's also a big road movie, because we travel all over the world. It's got that Star Wars quality of gigantic ships and guys riding sharks. It's going to be this whole world you've never seen before. You're going to see him start as this guy who probably rides bikes, works on cars. You get to see him this one way as kind of a dirty, dark, drunkard, and then turn into this regal king."

Marvel Studios' Avengers: Infinity War opens April 27, followed by Warner Bros.' Aquaman December 21.