Mark Ruffalo Responds to Viral Video of Two-Year-Old Reacting to Hulk's First Rampage

Earlier this week, an adorable two-year-old went viral after reacting to the Hulk's (Mark Ruffalo) first rampage in The Avengers. The original video has been viewed the better part of six million times and now, Ruffalo himself has caught wind of it. In fact, the Avengers star says the video might be key to preventing any further rages. "The secret way of stopping Dr.Banner from turning into the Hulk," Ruffalo tweeted with the video. Fortunately enough for the young tyke, she only has to hold out until Avengers: Endgame until Banner's anger issues get better.

As one might expect, the creatives behind Avengers: Endgame believe the introduction of Smart Hulk was the next necessary step in the character development of Bruce Banner, especially since neither he nor the Hulk were able to stop Thanos (Josh Brolin) from killing half of all life.

"We wanted to track how every one of the Avengers was moving forward from the experience of Infinity War," Anthony Russo explained. "Banner is left with this reality that neither version of himself could stop Thanos. So he dedicates himself to making sure this never happens again. And that is sort of the proper motivation for him to finally figure out how to reconcile the two sides of himself."

As for why they didn't show the merging of Banner and the Hulk on-screen, Endgame scribe Christopher Markus pointed out that not everything needs to happen on screen, despite the moment being massive to an integral part of the Avengers.

“Also, it’s like, you get it. Part of the thing we learn every time you write a movie — and particularly a movie where it’s a continuing storyline — you don’t have to explain as much as you think you have to. You can go to Queens, people know who Spider-Man is," Markus said. "I don’t need to see him get bitten by the spider again. Like, ‘okay, he’s a combination of Hulk and Banner, I get it.’ Just give me a crumb as to how it happened.”


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