'Jessica Jones' Season 2: Empowered Featurette Released

Marvel's hard-drinking private eye is set to return soon, and now we're getting a peek behind the [...]

Marvel's hard-drinking private eye is set to return soon, and now we're getting a peek behind the curtain with those who make the fan-favorite series happen.

The second season of Jessica Jones is set to drop on Netflix in one week, and to promote the impending premiere the streaming platform released a featurette with the cast and crew, including star Krysten Ritter, showrunner Melissa Rosenberg and more. Take a look in the clip above!

"Jessica Jones resonated in such a big way because we haven't seen a superhero like this before. Jessica's strong she is vulnerable and despite everything that she's been through she still fights," said Ritter. "We're telling stories about a lot of complicated characters. They're complex, very layered, very real."

A major theme that's touched on by Rosenberg and the other cast members is that these aren't superheroes, but regular people trying to exist.

"All of the characters are dealing with the issue of, 'Who am I and how do I fit into the world?'" said Rosenberg. "It's not necessarily about a women's perspective. It's about a balanced perspective. A powerful female protagonist, or female director or female showrunner, that shouldn't be unique.

"It's not about being a superhero. It's about being a human being in the world," Rosenberg added.

The clips are cut together with footage of the new season, which shows Jessica going up against a rival private investigator, a rival superhuman, and countless bottles and glasses of booze.

As always, Jessica is her own worst enemy as she struggles to deal with her own impulses as well as her lack of control, continuing the themes of the first season.

"This show is just a testament to a whole nother level of storytelling," said Carrie-Anne Moss, who plays Jeri Hogarth on the series. "Someone or something having power over you, it's relatable."

We managed to watch the first five episodes of the new season, praising the series star:

Krysten Ritter is still a charismatic dynamo as Jessica, and season 2 thankfully opens the character up to reveal more depth and vulnerability than in season 1. Indeed, much of season 2's early run time is dedicating to probing the depths of who Jessica Jones is, the traumatic origin of her powers, and how that damage has affected her ability to get close to others. Ritter sinks her teeth into the new dramatic meat and continues to evolve her character: watching Jessica finally put cracks in her hard shell is worthwhile payoff, as the detective perhaps takes the first steps towards becoming a full-on hero.

Every episode of Jessica Jones Season 2 will debut March 8th on Netflix. Daredevil Season 3 and Luke Cage Season 2 are rumored to premiere later this year, with Iron Fist and The Punisher both already renewed for second seasons.