Jessica Jones Season 2: Kilgrave's Return Explained

Jessica Jones season 2 is now out, and a lot of fans will be jumping into it hoping for something [...]

Jessica Jones season 2 is now out, and a lot of fans will be jumping into it hoping for something that's been teased since this sophomore season was first announced: the return of David Tennant as Kilgrave!

Obviously Tennant's return as Kilgrave was a major shock to Marvel Cinematic Universe fans, as season 1 ended with Jessica going to the dark extreme of executing the psychopathic mind-controller, before he could wreak havoc with her life - or anyone else's - ever again. Well, Jessica Jones season 2 finds a way to bring Kilgrave "back from the dead" in a fun and very creative way - read on below if you want the SPOILERY details!


Jessica Jones season 2 episode ("AKA Pork Chop") ends in a dark twist: after learning that her mother, Alisa Jones (Janet McTeer), is still alive, Jessica has to confront the nightmarish reality that the same process that gave Jessica and her mom their super powers also drove her mother violently insane. Jessica has her mother locked in a local prison to avoid doing hard time on "The Raft," aka the Marvel Cinematic Universe prison for super powered people.

While in jail, Alisa is forced to suffer the abuse of a particularly sadistic guard - and when Jessica investigates that guard personal life, she discovers he's been torturing and/or killing inmates for years. Her confrontation with the guard goes sideways in a bad way, with the serial killer trying to murder her, and Jessica inadvertently killing the man while using her super-strength in self defense.

Jessica Jones Season 2 Kilgrave David Tenant Cameo Spoilers

That act of killing triggers Jessica's deep-seeded guilt/trauma from killing both Luke Cage's wife Reva (under Kilgrave's influence) and Kilgrave himself. That guilt and trauma takes then takes on a very real form: Jessica begins seeing imaginary manifestations of Kilgrave, who begins to follow her whispering madness and poison into her thoughts like a twisted Jiminy Cricket.

Ultimately, this aspect of Jessica Jones season 2's back half becomes a psychological battle, rather than a superhero conflict: for the last few episodes of season 2, Jessica must battle her own increasingly erratic and troubled mind, slipping ever-closer to the same affliction her mother has. However, advice from the people in her life make Jessica realize that she's stronger than she gives herself credit for: by finally embracing and owning her own power, and both the good/evil potential of it, Jessica is able to banish "Kilgrave" from her mind, before the evil thought monster makes her do something truly unforgivable.


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Jessica Jones season 2 is now streaming on Netflix. Daredevil season 3 and Luke Cage season 2 are currently in production, with Iron Fist and The Punisher both already renewed for second seasons.