Joe Quesada Returns to Twitter, More Importantly Marvel Publishing

When longtime Marvel writer Brian Michael Bendis left for DC Comics last month, Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada promised fans that despite the change, big things were on the horizon. Turns out those "big things" include his return to Twitter as well as Marvel Publishing.

Quesada has been more active on his Twitter as of late, and tonight he responded to fan's question as to why.

The tweet was one of a series in which Quesada explained that not only does he just not feel like posting a lot of personal things to bore fans, but now that he's back on the publishing side of things he has more room to share information with followers than he had when working with television and movie properties.

"As Chief Creative Officer I work on dozens of projects that I can't tease nor can I answer questions about," he wrote. "This is a far cry from when I worked in Publishing which had much looser restrictions with respect to releasing information because we're a weekly/monthly medium."

Quesada return to publishing comes during a transition period for Marvel. Last month, longtime Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso left the company after six years in the position. C. B. Cebulski was named as his successor and Quesada told Newsarama at the time that he wanted to shift some of his focus to help Cebulski with the transition.


"I've already talked to some of the guys at Marvel and told them I want to shift some more of my focus so I can do a little bit more in publishing, as I want to be there to help C. B. land with both feet running and be there for him in any way he needs me to be," Quesada said.