Kevin Feige Swears Marvel Rarely Lied to Actors Filming Avengers: Endgame

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige says the studio was only rarely withholding when it came to preserving the secrets of Avengers: Endgame from its cast.

“We rarely provide false information to actors; that’s the truth,” Feige said in a tweet posed to Feige and Endgame executive producer Trinh Tran during Vudu’s Twitter viewing party. “The actors always have the information they need to do their best work.”

Vision star Paul Bettany once recalled being supplied with fake Infinity War scripts, whereas Nebula star Karen Gillan reported going without a script entirely.

Famously loose-lipped Spider-Man star Tom Holland was kept in the dark by directors Anthony and Joe Russo, who went so far as to not inform Holland who Spider-Man was fighting during CG-heavy action sequences.

Instead of lying, the Russos often opted to instead keep most secrets to themselves when possible.

“It is very difficult when your job is to sort of personalize these stories, personalize these characters, and sort of bring all your creative, collaborative energy to a process that lasts many, many months — sometimes more than a year — it’s a big part of your life,” Anthony explained in December when asked about the directing duo’s infamous dedication to secret-keeping.


“So it’s very hard not to talk about this stuff, because you live with it for so long and you live with it so deeply. We have developed a process where you take pressure off of people by letting them know less. It’s less responsibility they have to edit themselves, so we’ve developed an elaborate process by which we try to only let people know what they absolutely need to know. And it makes a little bit easier for them to edit themselves.”

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