Kevin Smith Shares Crowd’s Epic Reaction to Stan Lee’s Moment in Jay & Silent Bob Reboot

Stan Lee had a vast and impressive career during his 95 years on Earth and was best known for all of the iconic characters he created for Marvel Comics. During his later years, Lee became known for making movie cameos, especially in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, one of his first big movie roles was in Kevin Smith's Mallrats back in 1995, which the MCU paid tribute to in last year's Captain Marvel. While the comics legend passed away before he could cameo in Smith's latest film, Jay & Silent Bob Reboot, the director did insert a filmed conversation between him and Lee during the movie's end credits. According to Smith, each crowd during the Reboot Roadshow at epic reactions to Lee's appearance in the movie.

"Each night of the @jayandsilentbob #rebootroadshow Tour, this is what it sounded like backstage behind the screen when @therealstanlee popped up on screen. The Man deserved nothing less. (Video shot at the @fargotheatre on 1/30/20.) #KevinSmith #stanlee #imdb #jayandsilentbobreboot #fargotheatre #movies," Smith wrote. You can watch the clip in the post below:

This isn't the first time Smith has talked about the Reboot crowd's reaction to Lee. Smith posted a tribute to the comics creator on what would have been Lee's 97th birthday back in November.

"In a perfect world, @therealstanlee would have turned 97 today. I miss my mentor often - but I see him every night of the @jayandsilentbob #rebootroadshow Tour, when he closes out our credits in the @imdb clip from the @comic_con #imdboat. And every night, he gets the loudest, most loving response from everyone in the audience with thunderous applause. And for one, brief shining moment, it's like the love in those rooms brings Stan back - if only for a few seconds. He was the best person I ever met - a fine fellow with a big heart, a deep abiding love for his wife Joanie, and the limitless imagination of a child at play. For some of his 95 years, we got to see that big kid at his most creative - and he made such an impact, they'll still be telling stories about his characters long after you and I are gone from this world. One of the 10 smartest things I ever did was put my hero in #mallrats - because it kicked off a friendship that lasted nearly 25 years. I was blessed to have had Stan in my life, but I was lucky to have known him at all. Miss you, Maestro," Smith wrote.


Jay & Silent Bob Reboot is now available for home viewing.