'Legion': Dan Stevens Comments on Possible Patrick Stewart Cameo

After two seasons teasing the Shadow King's battle against the leader of the X-Men, Legion will [...]

After two seasons teasing the Shadow King's battle against the leader of the X-Men, Legion will finally see the debut of Professor Xavier. But fans expecting a familiar face might be surprised to learn Harry Lloyd is playing the character, and not the movies' Patrick Stewart.

Series star Dan Stevens has long campaigned to get Stewart to appear on the show. While speaking with ComicBook.com at the TCAs this week, the actor addressed the appearance of Legion's father in the final season.

"I keep pitching it to him, and he seems game. But yeah you have to ask [producer] Lauren Shuler Donner, really, it's not my job. But there is definitely some, I don't know if I can say," Stevens teased. "We definitely catch a glimpse of Charles Xavier in this season. And yeah it's great to sort of bring that into play. If this is the question I get asked the second most I think, after where can I get [Shadow King actor] Navid Negahban's sunglasses from Season 2, is will we see Charles Xavier. And yeah, I can answer the second one, I can't tell you where the sunglasses come from. But yeah, he will be making an appearance. Which is great."

The series is reaching its conclusion, so finally adding Professor X to the mix should make a lot of comic fans happy. And though many fans want to see the series continue, producer Jeph Loeb promised showrunner Noah Hawley will provide a thrilling conclusion.

"What I do give credit, enormous credit to Noah for is that he took a character who, I think arguably, people would say the most interesting thing about him is that he's Charles Xavier's son," Loeb said. "And Noah basically said, 'That's true, and we may get to that, or we may not get to that. But, what I'm going to do is, I'm going to tell you a story that doesn't depend on that particular element, and I can show you how rich this character is, and how rich the characters around him are. And I'm going to create a world and an environment, and tell you a story that you've never seen before.'"

The third season of Legion is expected to premiere later this year on FX.

Additional reporting by Scott Huver.