'Wonder Woman' Star Exits 'Legion' Season 2

The second season of Legion on FX has lost its Shadow King.According to Variety, Wonder Woman star [...]

The second season of Legion on FX has lost its Shadow King.

According to Variety, Wonder Woman star Said Taghmaoui has dropped out of playing the villain in the second season of the X-Men television series, which is currently filming in Los Angeles.

Taghmaoui made a post on social media reading, "Finally I'm not going to be in Legion but a big surprise coming soon."

The next level..! Finally I’m not going to be in Legion a big surprise coming soon #thankgodforeverything #alhamdulillah

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A spokesperson for FX confirmed Taghmaoui's departure and that the network would recast the Shadow King role, but did not elaborate on what led to this decision. A representative for Taghmaoui decline to comment on the situation.

Legion began shooting its second season in September. There's no way to know how much footage was should with Taghmaoui or whether any of it will be salvageable for us in the final product.

Legion creator Noah Hawley himself announced at San Diego Comic-Con that Taghmaoui would be joining the cast. The Shadow King, who is a classic X-Men villain, was played by two different actors in the show's first season. Quinton Boisclair portrayed the villain in his monstrous form while Aubrey Plaza played the character in the form of Lenny, a friend of protagonist David Haller (Dan Stevens). Both actors will return for Legion's second season.

Legion is a joint production of Marvel Television and FX Productions. The second season is expected to debut on FX in February, though it's unclear if this recasting will cause delays. The series is inspired by the character Legion who was created by Chris Claremont and Bil Sienkiewicz in 1985 and who first appeared in New Mutants, an X-Men spinoff series. Legion, aka David Haller, is the son of Professor X inherited his father's X-gene and gained an entire suite of mental powers but who also struggles with multiple personalities.

Taghmaoui played the character Sameer, one of the members of Steve Trevor's ragtag team that aids Diana on her quest to stop Ares in Wonder Woman. He's also appeared in television series like The Missing and Lost.