'Legion' Recap with Spoilers: "Chapter 17"

Clark wakes up and gets out of bed. Melanie waits in her room. When she hears Clark coming, she leaves and heads towards him through other passageways to sneak up behind Clark and knock him unconscious. Oliver can be heard telling Farouk that it's done, that Melanie is theirs.

Flashback to 13 days ago. Melanie is restless and getting high in her room. She hears Syd passing by and calls for her. They discuss David after he had just returned to Division 3's base. She tells Syd that the saddest two words in the English language are "vacant lot."

Later, Melanie is in a stupor when Oliver visits her. He sings to her. She pulls a gun on him. They have a tense conversation. Oliver says he always comes back to the girl he left behind. Melanie turns around and sees her young self in the mirror.

Within his mansion on the Astral Plane, Farouk asks Melanie about the Mi-Go Monk. She says she remembers him at Division 3.

Oliver and Melanie look back at her suspending him in the cold in his deep sea diver suit. Oliver remembers a time when Melanie would have followed her. They realize that things have changed between them.

Melanie asks Kerry if she ever wonders if this is all just a dream. She wonders how she knows all of this isn't just a dream, that it's real. Kerry says she knows because when she hits people they fall down. Melanie wonders if those people she hits are also not real, that Kerry is just a dream in Cary's head. Or perhaps it's the other way around. Melanie turns her conversation to Oliver. She says she realizes now that she was so focused on saving the world that she looked over the fact that there is no world to save, that it's all in her head.

Later, Kerry is training while Cary works. They both see a vision of David's plan and act. They take the weapon and head out to the car, then begin making their way to the destination that David showed them.

Lenny returns to a drug den where she used to hang out. It takes a while for anyone to realize who she is. They decide to throw a party to celebrate her return. During her revelry, Lenny sees Amy's face. Lenny goes into a bedroom to have sex with a woman. She sees visions of her transformation in Amy's body and of David's plan.

Amy appears in front of Lenny the next morning. She says Lenny could give her body back. Lenny says she doesn't know how, and that Amy should strap in if she's going to watch what Lenny has in store. Amy asks if Lenny is a good person. Lenny says she's not the worst or the best, and that it doesn't make a difference, but Amy won't stop asking. Lenny yells at her to shut up, waking up the woman next to her.

Kerry and Cary arrive at their destination. They put the case in the trunk and leave.

Lenny hangs around the drug den after the party. She sees flashes of the plan that David implanted in her head, then an image of the angriest boy. She sees the neon octopus sign and more of David's plan. She wakes up next to Amy in bed. Lenny tries to smother Amy with a pillow, but it doesn't work. Amy says Lenny needs to do what she's told, and that David's waiting. Amy realizes that Lenny loves David. Lenny says if David needs her, she'll be there. Lenny looks outside and sees the neon sign and realizes she's already where she needs to be. Lenny's lover walks in rubbing her stomach and says they're going to have a "little prince."

Cary and Kerry are waiting inside the restaurant near where they left the car. Cary says he's worried about Melanie. He's worried that she's alone and lonely. Cary tells Kerry that he is going grow old and die one day and that Kerry will be alone then. They see Lenny headed for the car. Lenny gets in the driver's seat. The car door closes and the vehicle vanishes with her in it. Cary reveals he put a tracking device on the weapon so they can follow it.

Lenny and the car appear in the desert. The car catches on fire. Lenny gets the case out of the trunk. She sees a group of monks with boxes on their head sitting in a circle and meditating.


Oliver communicates with Melanie telepathically. She says she wants to go with him. She knocks out Clark. She's then brought to Oliver.