'Legion' Season 2: Amorphous Preview Released

FX has already released a series of strange promos to hype up the second season premiere of Legion, but the latest clip might be the trippiest one yet.

Called "Amorphous," the promo starts with David Haller (Dan Stevens) looking directly into the camera and speaking, but everything goes off the rails rather quickly. Check it out above and see for yourself, but be prepared for some nightmare fuel.

As he slowly turns back and forth, his face and voice morph into other characters from the series, including Syd Barrett (Rachel Keller), Lenny Busker (Aubrey Plaza), Division 3 crony Clark (Hamish Linklater), one of the mysterious mustached triplets, and the Shadow King (Navid Negahban).

The speech they give is also very unsettling, shifting in focus from person to person.

"This power is, I- I- I love you, David, but you're nuts kiddo, you're a danger no one is ready for. The real me is an imminent threat to our future, our safety, our one-way ticket to utter destruction."

Sure, it doesn't make sense written down like that, but given who says what, it offers a tease of what to expect when Legion returns.

We know the second season will pick up one year after the season finale cliffhanger, which showed David getting abducted and imprisoned by a mysterious flying orb. We don't know who was behind David's disappearance, but after the ultimatum given to Division 3 it's unlikely that the mutant hunters are behind it.

In fact, some signs point to the Summerland mutants working alongside Division 3 in order to find their missing friend.

But there's also the problem of Lenny, the Shadow King's psychic parasite that infected David for a majority of his life. Though his friends managed to rid him of the influence, Lenny infected the mind of the telepath Oliver Bird (Jemaine Clement). The two escaped Summerland before anyone caught on to their plans, and were last seen heading south.

A previous promo teased the importance of the Shadow King's physical body, who will be played by Negahban in the new season. It seems like Lenny might need to reunite with her physical half, but the relationship between the parasite and the actual Shadow King could be different than it simply being an extension of himself.


We'll see what sort of mutant mayhem and epic dance numbers are in store when Legion returns to FX on April 3rd.