Life Writers And Director Won't Rule Out Venom Prequel Rumors

Hitting theaters in a couple of weeks is an R-rated space thriller starring Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal and Rebecca Ferguson under the title of Life.

In Life, a team of astronauts discover an alien life and bring it aboard their space station. As it turns out, the living cell the team found is more than ready to evolve into a terrifying being which will wreak havoc upon the ship and its crew.

It was when fans caught a good look at the alien creature in Life and paired their sighting with learning Sony announced a release date for their Venom film just a week before Life's release which lead fans to develop an almost certainly farfetched theory: Life is the R-rated prequel to Venom.

Such an outlandish theory would certainly be quickly ruled out by the writers and director of Life...right?


Both writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, along with director Daniel Espinosa, are reluctant to admit that Life has no ties to Venom, though the possibility of the creatives just having some fun with a fan theory remains. caught up with the trio behind Life at a press event for the film and posed the question directly.

"Yes, the answer is yes!" Wernick said in a joking manner. "We are tied to Venom! We are the prequel to Venom!"

Reese was quick to point out the reasoning behind the theory. "One is that we wrote a Venom screen play, so I think people saw that connection," Reese said. "They also saw the Spider-Man 3 footage that sneaked its way into our last trailer." None of it rules out a connection. "They just announced a Venom movie release date just yesterday."

Wernick chimed back in, saying, "All of the sudden, someone's out there going, 'Bing! Lightbulb!'"

While the writers' tone was one of a joking manner, they never distinctly ruled out the possibility. In fact, when asked if they're of the belief that Life would make a great prequel to a Venom film, Reese agrees, saying, "It would, wouldn't it?"

"That's the symbiote!" Wernick says of the alien life form in Life. "Eddie Brock's on Earth. The symbiote's on Earth, finds Eddie Brock..."

They're practically already writing the connection.

"He realizes he can hide on the inside of a human," Reese said of the alien.


Whether or not Life is, in fact, the first R-rated tie-in to the Marvel Cinematic Universe which now houses Spider-Man, is left ambiguous for now. To form your own decision on whether or not there is a chance Life launched the Venom film as a secret prequel, you'll have to see Life in theaters when it releases on March 24.