Loki Star Tara Strong Teases "Much More to Be Revealed" With Miss Minutes

We're already two episodes into Marvel Studios' Loki, and the Disney+ series has been completely [...]

We're already two episodes into Marvel Studios' Loki, and the Disney+ series has been completely shaking up what fans thought they knew about the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While the series is live-action, it has featured appearances from the franchise's first 2D animated character, the Time Variance Authority mascot known as Miss Minutes. In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Miss Minutes voice actress Tara Strong spoke about the experience of bringing the character to life, and did tease what fans can expect for the character moving forward into the season's final four episodes.

"Well, I can cryptically tease that you'll see her again," Strong revealed with a laugh. "There's much more to be revealed, and it's fun to watch that unfold. When you see the first episode, you think perhaps that she's just a recording on a screen, but in episode two, we see that she can become a holographic form and interact with Loki. He even responded to her and asked, 'Are you a recording, or are you alive?' And we still don't know. The beautiful thing about this character is you don't really know who she is, where she's from, what her origin story is, how sentient she is, if she has a horse in this race at all, and what her intentions are, if any. Like any good, exciting adventure, TV or film, you are left wondering that all the time. So she's an intriguing character, and that will continue."

This echoes comments that Loki director Kate Herron previously made, teasing that the character will go on an "interesting" journey throughout the season. While there's really no knowing exactly what shape that will take, the idea of Miss Minutes factoring into the narrative of a live-action show like Loki, and being voiced by an animation veteran like Strong, is definitely significant — something that isn't lost on Strong.

"It is true that voice actors and legacy voice actors — who've been at it for so long and are so brilliant at bringing characters to life just with their voice — get passed over for on-camera celebrities that maybe the casting director wants to meet or because someone thinks they'll bring big box office," Strong explained elsewhere in the interview. "If you were to record two very big animated features, one starring on-camera people and one starring people who've been doing voiceover for a while, you would definitely hear the difference in the little idiosyncrasies and other things that we know how to do in order to bring this action to life. Overall, there certainly is plenty of crossover when you look at someone like Robin Williams, Tom Hanks, or my favorite, Mark Hamill, who's brilliant at doing both on-camera and voiceover. But then you do have the A-list celebrities who will come in for an animated session and freak out when they see what everyone else does. Of course, it's still acting, but it's a different form of acting. It's like asking a tap dancer if they do ballet."

"It is wonderful that the Internet has given voiceover actors a lot of love that maybe their predecessors never knew existed," Strong continued. "Now, people can look up who their favorite voiceover actor is, and when I go to a comic con, I'm treated like a superstar who people know. It's wonderful to be able to give back to those fans, and give hugs, and hear stories about how shows shaped their childhood or brought their family together or got them through a depressing time. So that kind of stuff has been really nice. I certainly didn't anticipate Loki being so huge, and the reception to Miss Minutes being so wonderful and so loving right out of the gate. So maybe this will give networks [and studios] pause, so they think, "Hey, let's give one of the voiceover actors a shot at this role. Maybe it'll be more fun than so and so from The Office. Just for this time, let's see how this goes." (Laughs.) If somebody suits the role and does a great job, they should be granted that role regardless of how many Twitter followers they have or how many episodes of an episodic they've done."

New episodes of Loki will drop on Disney+ on Wednesdays. If you haven't signed up for Disney+ yet, you can try it out here.

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