Loki Visual Effects Boss Says Disney+ Series Will Defy Expectations

WandaVision wrapped up its mind-bending run on Friday by introducing fans to a whole new corner of [...]

WandaVision wrapped up its mind-bending run on Friday by introducing fans to a whole new corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Later this year, Loki is set to go through a similar situation as it follows Tom Hiddleston's titular trickster through the various timelines involved in the MCU. In fact, one person behind the scenes on the show says it's going to be a series that will "defy expectations."

Speaking with CBM, visual effects supervisor Brad Parker suggests it's reasonable for fans to believe the series will be even zanier than what the teaser trailer has led on.

"Well, that's pretty much all I can say, that it is a crazy journey! That's another project that will defy expectations in a lot of ways. It's been so much fun," the filmmaker tells the website. "It's been on my hit list to work on a Marvel project, and Loki is just such a great one. It's so cool, and there are so many amazing things that are going to happen in every episode. I can't wait for people to see it. It's a lot of hard work. We're working furiously to make this thing as great as possible, and I think people are going to be thrilled when they see it."

Parker is currently doing press for The Devil Below, a feature film he just directed. When it comes to visual effects, Parker's credits include Godzilla: King of the Monsters, Ad Astra, and Bullet Train. Even then, Parker applauds Marvel for providing the VFX teams with a blockbuster budget.

"It's been quite good in that way," Parker adds about the monstrous budget. "That's a completely different creative exercise when you have more resources, but the appetite for visuals is on such a bigger scale in the visual effects aspect of things, so it's challenging in its own right!"

Loki is currently set for release on June 11th. If you haven't signed up for Disney+ yet, you can try it out here.

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