Loki Writer on Avengers: Endgame's Time Traveling Plot Holes

Avengers: Endgame laid the groundwork for time travel in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While the [...]

Avengers: Endgame laid the groundwork for time travel in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While the Ancient One (Tilda Swinton) briefly explained the concept of the multiverse, some of the filmmakers behind the film couldn't seem to agree on the actual rules in post-release press. Now that Loki has debuted on Disney+ and deals directly with a plot littered with time-traveling, the show's head writer Michael Waldron recently spoke on the situation.

As part of a panel with SCADFILM'S Storytellers series, Waldron jokingly brought up the fact that he could now blame others if something in Loki doesn't pan out.

"You have people you can blame everything on," Waldron said (via The Direct.) "That's healthy [laughs]. Avengers: Endgame laid a foundation for time travel that we were able to take and then build upon."

He then compared writing in the MCU to writing comics in the sense that you're always taking on a project that some had previously helped to write and develop.

"That's what's amazing about the MCU is that you feel like a comic writer," Waldron added. "You're inheriting these characters and stories from other writers, oftentimes from people you admire."

When it comes to Waldron, he led the writer's room on Loki, but he also wrote the script for Sam Raimi's Doctor Strange in the Mutliverse of Madness, now deep in post-production.

"Those are established characters. Actors and directors and writers have already brought them to life," he concluded. "You just want to do justice to them, which takes a lot of the pressure off, but it can be tough. You want to service what's come before while also telling a new story."

The first three episodes of Loki are now streaming on Disney+, while Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is set for release on March 25, 2022. If you haven't signed up for Disney+ yet, you can try it out here.

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