Luke Cage Includes An Iron Fist Easter Egg

Unless you've been hiding out like the Hulk, then you've probably heard that Marvel's Luke Cage has hit Netflix. The new drama features plenty of action-packed fight sequences and gritty monologues which have left fans reeling. And, in its finale, audiences even get teased about the next hero who'll hit Netflix. After all, this is Marvel we are talking about; Of course, there's going to be a couple easter eggs to unpack.

So, obviously, spoilers below!

In the season finale of Luke Cage, fans find Claire Temple walking the streets of Harlem. The nurse, who fans first met in Daredevil, has had a rough time after she was involved in a hostage situation with Shades at Harlem's Paradise. Feeling beaten, Claire stops her walk when she comes across a flyer advertising martial arts and self-defense classes. And, naturally, those classes are fun by none other than Colleen Wing - a close ally to Iron Fist.

If you're not familiar with Colleen Wing, no worries! The character debuted in Marvel Premiere #19 and was born in Japan. Her family was closely connected to samurai, and Wing was taught in their ways after her mother passed. While she has no natural superpowers, the warrior is a skilled swordsman and has mastered the lost arts of the samurai.

Clearly, Claire Temple could learn a thing or two about kicking butt when it comes to Colleen Wing. Temple is likely tired of having her vigilante friends rescue her from unsavory situations, so the nurse might be bringing more skills to the Defenders when the series eventually premieres.

Next year, fans will be able to see just how Temple fits into Iron Fist when the series debuts on Netflix. The show will see Finn Jones play Danny Rand/Iron Fist while Jessica Henwick will portray Colleen Wing.

As with any comic book adaptation, the origins of these two characters may be altered somewhat, so fans may see Wing come about her gifts in a new fashion. Netflix has a history of streamlining comic book canon, and their recent handling of Luke Cage was no exception.

When it comes to Cage's backstory, the character underwent a few changes. Most notably, the hero sheds his previous gang affiliations from the comics. The show says Cage as having been in the military before he became a police officer who was framed for a crime. Cage was then put in jail where he met Reva Conners, a psychologist who ultimately pleaded for Cage to undergo an experimental procedure to save his life after being beaten by his fellow inmates.

Screen Shot 2016-10-02 at 12.47.35 PM

In the comics, Cage is a police officer, but he was a well-known gangster first. After being rehabilitated in prison, Cage joins the NYPD and falls for a woman named Reva Conners, the girlfriend of a former gang rival. Displeased with the budding relationship, the rival plants drugs on Cage and gets him thrown into jail where he is eventually experimented.

As for where Cage is headed next, actor Mike Colter says there are plenty of storylines he'd like to see hit Netflix. Colter told IGN that Heroes for Hire "could possibly happen." He also mentioned the return of Jessica Jones and said he'd be interested to see the duo hook up and have a child. Of course, comic book readers will know the two heroes do actually get together and have a kid in the Alias comics.


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