Stan Lee's 'Luke Cage' Season 2 Cameo Revealed

The Marvel Cinematic Universe movies make a big, pronounced deal out of those signature Stan Lee cameos - but it's harder to spot the Marvel Comics co-founder in the Marvel Netflix universe. Lee's Marvel Netflix alter-ego has been "Captain Irving Forbush," a NYC police captain whose face pops up on posters and billboards in the various Marvel Netflix series - but Stan Lee's cameo in Luke Cage season 2 suggests a changed role for Irving Forbush in the MCU:

Stan Lee’s got a new job as a lawyer in Harlem. Spotted this in Luke Cage S2 from r/marvelstudios

As you can see above, Marvel fans on Reddit have spotted a scene in Luke Cage season 2 where Forbush's face appears on an add that seems to confirm he's made a major career change from policeman to lawyer. From the looks of the ad, Lee isn't going to be portraying a particularly respectable lawyer - more like the ambulance-chasing type you might seen advertising on daytime TV - or in this case, on a cheap-looking street ad.

For those who don't know, this cameo connection between Stan Lee and Forbush is actually a Marvel in-joke that goes all the way back to the '50s. Irving Forbush was actually created by lee to be the fictional parody of a Marvel Comics employee, who was often the butt of Lee's joke and a general comic relief character who could reflect the real world in a humorous way. He appeared in Marvel's satire series Snafu, and later took on a superhero persona as "Forbush-Man." The character had a ridiculous origin and supporting cast (Auntie Mayhem), and was featured in Marvel's comedic series Not Brand Ecch.

The MCU Forbush has never been seen in person, but has (as stated) been featured on posters, pictures, and other forms of media or honorary art, as testament to his service to the city. It would actually be funny if Marvel Studios were to ever put together a "Saga of Forbush" as a short, featuring Lee as the character. They could even go the full route of having Lee done the red longjohns and stove pot helmet to bring "Forbush-Man" out of retirement. It would be a great chance for Lee to ham it up (maybe for the last time), and would also be a fun and clever way to establish some for of Marvel Comics within the MCU.



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Luke Cage season 2 is now streaming on Netflix. Iron Fist season 2 will follow it at a date TBA; The Punisher season 2 is also in production.