Ms. Marvel Features the Return of SPOILER

While Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel has only been in the comics for a few years, she has already accumulated a pretty impressive rogues gallery. A number of her villains and antagonists have become genuinely memorable, either thanks to a unique character design, a complicated backstory, or a combination of the two. The latest issue of Kamala's solo series, The Magnificent Ms. Marvel, definitely showcased this in a unique way. In between some major character moments for Kamala - and a fight against an unexpected group of adversaries - the issue teased the return of one of her most unique foes yet. Spoilers for The Magnificent Ms. Marvel #17, from Saladin Ahmed, Minkyu Jung, Ian Herring, and VC's Joe Caramagna below! Only look if you want to know!

The main crux of the issue saw Kamala facing off against C.R.A.D.L.E. and Dum Dum Dugan, who were standing in the way of Kamala finding the missing citizens of Jersey City. She ultimately found that they were locked in Rubicon HQ, and engaged in a gross battle against the alien at the center, who had kidnapped Josh. Following that, Kamala met with Zoe as a civilian, and they debated about whether or not Ms. Marvel has been really protecting Jersey City. In a monologue at the end of the issue, Kamala remarks that hurt and negative feelings are hard to get rid of -- and they'll come back and manifest into some unexpected things. Matched with that monologue was a new look at Stormranger, who could be seen flying through the cosmos on the way to Earth.

the magnificent ms marvel 17 stormranger return
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

For the uninitiated, Stormranger started out as a Kree nanosuit in an alternate future reality, which accidentally bonded with Kamala during her trip there. After returning back to Earth-616, Kamala used the suit for its shapeshifting abilities, but quickly realized it could potentially have a dark side. This culminated in the suit rebelling from Kamala's decisions, separating from her entirely and taking on a villainous humanoid form. Kamala ultimately fought Stormranger, and she seemingly self-destructed in the process.

Granted, Stormranger's return was spoiled in the upcoming cover for The Magnificent Ms. Marvel #18, which will serve as both the series' finale and Kamala's 75th solo comic. But there's definitely an ominous nature surrounding her appearance -- both since we don't know how she survived, and since she'll probably have some sort of bone to pick with Kamala.

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