Mark Ruffalo Wants to Try Out for Disneyland's Marvel Campus Avengers

Disneyland is currently holding open auditions for its Marvel-themed stunt show at the new Avengers Campus opening up this summer, and big screen Marvel star Mark Ruffalo has some interest in applying. News about the auditions for the new Avengers stunt show began circulating earlier this week, allowing fans folks with stunt experience to try their hand at becoming an Avenger at one of Disney's newest attractions. After the story made its rounds on Twitter, Ruffalo jumped in on the action, claiming that he's currently out of work and needs a new gig.

THR writer Ryan Parker tweeted the story about Disneyland's new auditions, along with the message "Disney is looking for a few good Avengers for its upcoming superhero land." Upon seeing that tweet, Ruffalo decided to inquire about the opportunity. After all, he does have the experience.

"Is it an open call," Ruffalo asked, quoting the tweet. "I need a job."

Unfortunately for Ruffalo, his experience with the Avengers, while vast, may not help him much with this gig. The casting call referenced several different Avengers that will be a part of the show, but Hulk sadly isn't one of them. Disneyland is currently looking for performers to take on the roles of Captain America, Black Panther, Black Widow, Spider-Man, and an unnamed villain (best guess is currently Taskmaster). This seems to be a street-level type of mission, no Hulk required.

While Ruffalo's comment is clearly a joke, and a great one at that, it will probably have people wondering even more about his future with the MCU in a post-Avengers: Endgame world. Ruffalo has been on both sides of the fence, saying initially that there were more stories to explore with Hulk in the franchise, but most recently that his tenure could potentially be over, as he has no idea what's next.

The actor appeared on an episode of The Graham Norton Show earlier this month and said that he didn't know if Hulk would ever come back to the MCU.


"Who knows, really," he continued. "It is supposed to be over and that was supposed to be the end," referring to Endgame.

Do you hope to see Ruffalo's Hulk appear in the MCU again in the future? Is he better suited to play Captain America in Disneyland? Let us know in the comments!

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