Marvel Actor Vincent D'Onofrio Explains Why It's Hard to Connect to DC's Superman

The world of superheroes is dominated by the likes of Spider-Man, Wolverine, Batman, and Superman. While they're the most bankable characters for their respective publishers, each of them has their own detractors. After all, not every character can be loved by the entire comic book fandom, right? Case in point, Hawkeye star Vincent D'Onofrio doesn't care much for Clark Kent. To him, the character's just too powerful.

"The reason I was never a Superman fan was that it's like, 'Oh, Superman wins.' You can't beat him," the fan-favorite Marvel actor said on a recent episode of ComicBook Nation. "I don't understand, how do you beat Superman? The whole Kryptonite thing, it's so hard to find."

As the actor has previously said, the major thing that draws him to Kingpin is the fact the character remains very human, despite being one of the franchise's most notorious villains.

"Ayelet Zurer, who played Vanessa, she's an amazing actress. During our process in the third season, there was something there we were always wanting to get right. That was that this monster can be in life and that somebody can love the monster," he adds. "That was so important to get away with, so with me, there's a lot more we can do with that; to show this guy as a human being and dealing with stuff we all deal with living in that heightened world. I think there's a lot to do there if anybody had the mind to do so."

All six episodes of Hawkeye are now streaming on Disney+ while three seasons of Daredevil are streaming on Netflix.

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