Marvel Almost Had The Raimi Suit In Spider-Man Comics

Spider-Man PS4 got a nice surprise from Insomniac with a free costume based on the Sam Raimi [...]

Spider-Man PS4 got a nice surprise from Insomniac with a free costume based on the Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies, but it turns out the costume was slated to make its way into Marvel's comics at one point.

It seems after Marvel entered its Brand New Day era in the Spider-Man books the cover to #549 had the Raimi styled raised webbing look on the suit. The art was done by artist Salvador Larroca, and that cover was featured in the original solicitation for the cover, though that ended up changing by the time the final cover hit stores.

"During the Brand New Day era of Amazing Spider-Man, artist Salvador Larroca's originally solicited cover to issue #549 had the "raised webbing" look on Spidey's suit. The art was changed for the final published cover. Random little fact for you today. #RaimiSuit #SpiderManPS4"

The raised webbing looks pretty slick in Larroca's style, and that wouldn't be the last time it showed up in his work either. The cover to The Amazing Spider-Man #551 also features the raised webbing in the original solicitation, but in the final version, it is removed.

"The same thing happened on the cover to #551, another one by Larroca. In the solicited cover, the raised webbing was there. In the final version, it was removed. #RaimiSuit #SpiderManPS4"

We aren't sure if Marvel initially decided to go with that suit design or if that was just Larroca's idea, but it never fully made its way into the books. It looks good though, so who knows, maybe someday it will make a comeback.

Sam Raimi's version of the costume is still loved by many, as are his trilogy of Spider-Man films. The original Spider-Man film still sits atop the entire franchise in domestic box office totals, bringing in over $403 million, with Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man 3 coming in behind with $373 million and $336 million respectively.

Spider-Man 3 sits atop the worldwide box office rankings for the franchise though, bringing in $890.9 million worldwide, with Spider-Man: Homecoming right behind it at $880.2 million. Expect Spider-Man: Far From Home to surpass both when it hits next year.