The Union: Marvel Announces New British Super Team

Marvel introduced a new British superhero team heading into Empyre. Union Jack will be joined by heroes from the UK, England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The company is calling the new team The Union and their surprising debut will be on February 18th. That's really soon and will be sure to get people charged up before Empyre gets started in earnest. It looks like Paul Grist is handling writing duties and Andrea Di Vito all be the one on art. An intriguing part of this new team will be all those heroes with Union Jack, as they look to be all-new. They haven't been named, but it seems as though the introduction is forthcoming.

Their tweet reads, "Union Jack joins a new team of Super Heroes to protect the UK in the threat of Empyre! Meet the members of The Union starting on February 18. #MarvelComics."

Maddeningly Empyre's story is still just a faint outline. The Kree and Skrulls are united under one ruler and that spells trouble for the Marvel universe. But, the people in charge aren't letting much more out of the bag. "Empyre is Marvel's most Earth-shattering event of 2020," Marvel Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski says in the trailer video. "It will star [Redacted] and [Redacted] against [Redacted]."

Marvel's Senior VP of Publishing Tom Brevoort added, "Empyre grows out of a number of key Marvel stories including [Redacted] and a bunch of others. It is the [Redacted] for so many things that have been established throughout Marvel history. It'll be witten by [Redacted] and [Redacted] with art by [Redacted], but the story will be a true [Redacted], one of the most incredible [Redacted] that Marvel has ever put to page."

The X-Men will be involved in this giant event as well. It looks like Jonathan Hickman is taking the same approach that the other creative minds on the colossal event are.


"When people ask Hickman who is in the book, he says everyone," Cebulski said during a New York Comic Con panel in October. "This is the book that anyone can show up at any time in this book. Cyclops is going to be putting together various teams for whatever mission comes up, and this is endless action."

The Union is scheduled to release on February 18th.