Marvel Announces New Silk Series

Make a space in your pull-lists Marvel fans, because Cindy Moon, aka Silk, is web-swinging into a [...]

Make a space in your pull-lists Marvel fans, because Cindy Moon, aka Silk, is web-swinging into a brand new series. The new series will be written by acclaimed novelist Maurene Goo (I Believe in a Thing Called Love, Somewhere Only We Know) and drawn by superstar artist Takeshi Miyazawa, and is set to unearth revelatory insights about the character. Silk will have a new mission in the series, one that will become very personal and equally as deadly, and the new series will hit comic shops this July. You can check out the full Stonehouse drawn cover to the new series below.

"The opportunity to write a Korean American super hero—a woman, no less—is one that I never thought would come my way," Goo said. "I'm so excited to flex this writing muscle and to explore new stories for Silk—a character I love. Her fierceness and loyalty are qualities I understand and relate to, and I hope readers feel the same as she fights new foes and protects old friends."

Moon was first introduced in Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3 #1, though she wouldn't make her debut as Silk until issue #4 of that series. It didn't take long for the character to become a fan favorite, and she's become a staple of the Spider-Verse adventures and Spider-Man focused events ever since.

(Photo: Marvel)

She was actually bitten by the same irradiated spider that bit Peter Parker, which bit her after it bit him, though thanks to Ezekiel no one knew this for years as he kept her in a bunker. We imagine some of that will be dealt with or explored in her new series, and we can't wait to see what's next for the character.

You can find the official description below.


Written by Maurene Goo

Art by Takeshi Miyazawa

Cover by Stonehouse

On Sale July 2020

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