Marvel Announces Spider-Man Spinoff Starring Spider-Punk

Hobie Brown's Spider-Punk is about to star in his own Marvel Comics series. The web-slinger has participated in Spider-Man-centric events such as Spider-Verse and Spider-Geddon, but the upcoming five-issue miniseries by writer Cody Ziglar and artist Justin Mason will put the spotlight on the anarchist Spider-Man of Earth-138. Ziglar is one of the architects behind Spider-Man Beyond, a weekly story arc running in Amazing Spider-Man that replaces Peter Parker with his clone Ben Reilly. The writer made a point to let Marvel know that he's always up to write a Spider-Man comic, especially when it stars a Black Spider-Man.

"I wrote five issues of Amazing Spider-Man and had written two backups for Miles Morales: Spider-Man and I'm also writing the What If? Miles Morales they're doing," Ziglar told Den of Geek. He joked about telling his Marvel editors, "'I want to write Spider-Man, but if it's a Black Spider-Man? I'm the guy that you want to come to.'"

Ziglar said Marvel's response was, "'Calm down. If it ever pops up again, we'll let you know.' One day they reached out to me. 'Hey, not only is it a Black Spider-Man, but it's a Black Spider-Man who's into punk stuff.' Great! Literally all my bases are covered! They saw how enthusiastic I was about the prospect and came to me for it."

After taking down President Norman Osborn in his universe, Spider-Punk's new adventure will task him with conquering the structural institution left behind in Osborn's wake.

"This is very much him saying, 'I've taken out the figurehead, but now I deal with the actual institution. How do I topple the actual institution?' And for that, he has to put together a fun little team," Ziglar teased.

While the writer isn't revealing the entire lineup of this mysterious team, we do know a variant of Riri Williams is involved, and the team will have between four or five members on it. "There's also a big bad that's revealed at the end of the first issue that's been really, really fun to reimagine," he said.

Finally, Ziglar compared Spider-Punk to the hero he's also currently writing, Ben Reilly.

"There are definitely some parallels [between Hobie and Ben Reilly]," Ziglar said. "There's definitely stuff I've touched on more so in the Kraven issues and a little bit in the Doc Ock one, where it's Ben up against, literally, a faceless corporation. The heightened version of that would be Hobie fighting against the corrupt American institution. There's definitely a big through line between one going after a corporation and the other the government. There's definitely things I was writing in my Amazing Spider-Man issues that I need to explore bigger, more refined, and I think better in this Spider-Punk run. So there is definitely this parallel between Hobie and Ben, these small people against giant institutions."

(Photo: Olivier Coipel/Marvel Comics)
(Photo: Todd Nauck/Marvel Comics)

Spider-Punk #1 debuts in April.


Written by CODY ZIGLAR



Headshot Variant Cover by TODD NAUCK



HOBIE BROWN is THE ANARCHIC SPIDER-PUNK — set to protect EARTH-138 with his ax in hand and his chaotic band of punk rockin' heroes backing him!

NORMAN OSBORN is dead, but will the chaos he's created be too much for Spider-Punk and gang to handle?

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