Black Panther to Have a Major Role in Marvel's New 'Avengers'

The Avengers are getting a bit of an overhaul, and King T'Challa has found himself at the center of the action.

Earlier today, Marvel Comics announced a "Fresh Start" coming in May, which features a brand new beginning for many books and characters. One of the first big reveals of this upcoming event is a new Avengers series, written by Marvel juggernaut Jason Aaron, and illustrated by Ed McGuinness.

The new series will be Marvel's only Avengers title going forward, and it features a reuniting of the "Big 3" team members: Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, and Thor. According to Aaron however, that three is about to become four, and Black Panther is going to join the ranks of the most popular Avengers, taking on a leading role going forward.

"I think the Big Three of the Avengers are really, really close to being the Big Four," Aaron said in an interview with IGN. "I think Black Panther definitely deserves to be at the heart of an Avengers team like this, when you're talking about the biggest, most iconic characters from that lineage. He has a big, big role to play, not just in this arc, but in this book going forward, and it's really fun to be writing him again."

With the record-breaking success of the Black Panther movie, his inclusion to the team wasn't much of a surprise. However, seeing him at the forefront of the Avengers going forward is something that we haven't seen before but, as Aaron mentioned, is long overdue.

In addition to Black Panther's increased role in the series, the Avengers will have some totally new faces. The Big Four are joined by Captain Marvel, who also has a film debut on the horizon, She-Hulk Jennifer Walters, and the Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider. Doctor Strange will begin as a part of the team, but his role will become a "rotating spot" on the team.

Known for his work with Thor, Aaron has also previously written solo series for Ghost Rider and Doctor Strange, as well as the recent team-up, Marvel Legacy #1.


Avengers #1 is coming this May.