Bruce Banner Is No Longer the Most Powerful Hulk

Although Bruce Banner is the original Hulk in Marvel Comics, and he's gone through several major upgrades over the past few decades, he's no longer the most powerful iteration of the hero in existence.

According to the newest issue of Jason Aaron's Avengers series, that title now belongs to Jennifer Walters.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Avengers #8! Continue reading at your own risk...

In the previous arc of Avengers, both Jennifer Walters and Thor consumed the Blood of Ymir, causing them to grow to incredible sizes in order to fight the Celestials. That experience, combined with the exposure to both ridiculous levels of radiation and Celestial beings left Hulk with some serious side effects.

When in her Hulk form, Jennifer loses a lot of control over herself, unlike previous iterations of the character. While this does seem like a difficult situation for Jennifer, it also makes her the most powerful Hulk in all of Marvel.

In Avengers #8, Doctor Strange spends some time studying Jennifer, trying to figure out what has changed within her. The Sorcerer Supreme is shocked by the results.

"You're the Hulk. Your body is already rife with Gamma radiation to kill most people many times over," Strange says in the issue. "And since your encounter with the Celestials, those Gamma counts have skyrocketed. Your body is now storing more Gamma energy than ever before. And it appears you're sometimes able to release that the most explosive of ways."

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(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

After learning of the findings, Jennifer admits that her new levels of radiation make her more explosive than all of the other versions of the Hulk throughout Marvel.

"That explains the changes to my physique," Jennifer says. "And the increased power levels. God, you're right, that sort of explosiveness is beyond what even Bruce can generate."

Bruce Banner has made his way back from the dead in the Immortal Hulk series, but he's no longer the strongest Hulk around.


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