Marvel Reveals Post-Apocalyptic Avengers Spinoff From Old Man Logan

Old Man Logan has become one of the more interesting universes that Marvel has assembled in recent years. When news recently came down of Dead Man Logan coming to a close, fans were wondering what would fill the void, and now they have their answer. Today, Marvel announced Avengers of the Wastelands #1 for release in January. That means there are more adventures to come in the Wasteland that played host to Old Man Logan over the course of its existence. While readers won’t probably be seeing much of the weathered veteran Wolverine, they will be getting a taste of a new team of heroes from that world as they try to survive the encroaching threat of Doctor Doom. It’s going to take more than just one hero in a world where most of them have fallen by the wayside to fight that collected force.

The three characters featured on the cover of the new book are none other than The Hulk, (Of course, a version of him is still knocking around.) a new version of Ant-Man, and the new Thor of the Wastelands. New Thor has quite the backstory as Dani Cage got her introduction in the pages of Dead Man Logan. Sabertooth was tracking this new younger Hulk, Cage, and Logan. The young heroine gets shot near the site of Mjolnir while the trio is making their escape, and when she hits the ground, she assumes the power of the Mighty Thor by reaching out for the abandoned weapon. The shocking display of power that has lain dormant for many years is enough to spook the collected villains on their tails. Now, it looks like the new Thor will see her adventures continue next year.

(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

New Ant-Man has quite the story as well, because he’s unique to the Wasteland just like Thor. Dwight Barrett started off as Old Man Hawkeye’s sidekick in this universe. The young boy popped up in issue #4 of that series as just a kid with the Ant-Man helmet who learned how to command the ants. He actually ends up revealed to be Turk Barrett’s nephew. He saves the elder hero from a pack of Venom symbioses and basically tags along for the ride from there. It would seem that some time has passed in the interim and he’s a bit older in the new series.

Here is the official description that Marvel released about Avengers of the Wastelands:

"Written by Ed Brisson with art by Jonas Scharf, the five-issue limited series finds a new force rising in the Wastelands...


In a world where most Super Heroes fell at the hands of the Red Skull over 50 years ago, Dani Cage wields the mighty Mjolnir for the cause of peace. But when the brutal regime of Doctor Doom forces Dwight (AKA the owner of the surviving Ant-Man technology) to Dani and the Hulk in a last ditch effort to survive, the Avengers have the chance to assemble once more!

Pre-order AVENGERS OF THE WASTELANDS #1 at your local comic shop now, then pick it up on January 29, 2020!"