Marvel Movies Account for 31% of All Domestic Box Office Revenue to Date This Year

20th Century Fox and Disney's Marvel Studios are dominating the 2018 box office, claiming nearly a [...]

20th Century Fox and Disney's Marvel Studios are dominating the 2018 box office, claiming nearly a third of the year's box office revenue to date.

Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War, and Deadpool 2 now account for 31% of all domestic box office revenue for the year, so far, with the number likely to step into true one-third territory over the holiday weekend. Worldwide, the three titles make up 57% of revenue generated worldwide by the top 10 Hollywood titles.

Deadpool 2 has already hauled in more than $125 million domestically, with only one weekend at the box office. Avengers: Infinity War has broken records to claim more than $595 million stateside, with Black Panther boasting an impressive $697 million stateside, as well. Together, the three movies have topped $1.417 billion in the United States alone. Worldwide is another story, with the trio of Marvel-based films (though Infinity War and Black Panther are under Marvel Studios' separate universe from Deadpool 2's Fox-owned X-Men world) have garnered $3.46 million.

Given the dark nature of Avengers: Infinity War's ending, the directors and studio saw the risk in releasing a film which didn't have a feel-good sendoff.

"It's an innovators market, I think," Infinity War co-director Joe Russo told "And I think that theatrical filmmaking since the advent of social media is driven by social media and the most successful films are the ones that are driving conversations. I think that's Marvel has succeeded and tied up with sort of global interconnectivity and people being able to express their feelings and their passion for these movies as each one unfurls. So, we ultimately were interested, not only as fans and as storytellers, in real emotional catharsis and taking the audience on a journey. We think we live in a really complicated world and we wanted to tell a really complicated story."

In the coming weeks, the super hero genre will see some stiff competition from the likes of Solo: A Stars Wars Story and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Both films are expected to post massive numbers at the box office. To date, other big Hollywood films such as A Quiet Place, Game Night, and Rampage have posted box office scores of $176 million, $68 million, and $92.5 million domestically, respectively.

Nothing is coming close to the superhero phenomena at the box office.

Still to come from the genre this year are Ant-Man and The Wasp, Venom, and Aquaman. Each film will be an interesting entry, as Marvel Studios' Ant-Man and The Wasp sequels one of the studios smaller titles in recent years but boasts a connection to Avengers: Infinity War to help fuel ticket sales. Meanwhile, Sony attempts to re-renter the super hero world with Tom Hardy playing the titular anti-hero in Venom, though it is disconnected from Spider-Man and his new Marvel Cinematic Universe home. Late in the year, Warner Bros. will drop Aquaman which is trying to distance itself from the lackluster response to Justice League and seems to be doing so after impressive footage dropped at CinemaCon in April.

When all is said and done, though, it looks like the super hero genre will post yet another year to brag about at the box office by the end of 2018.

Black Panther is available now on blu-ray and DigitalHD. Avengers: Infinity War and Deadpool 2 are now playing in theaters. Ant-Man and The Wasp arrives in July, followed by Venom in October, and Aquaman in December.