Marvel Teases Doctor Strange Becoming Galactus

Marvel has started rolling out their sales solicitations for books being released in April and one [...]

Marvel has started rolling out their sales solicitations for books being released in April and one title teases a major shakeup to the norm.

According to the sales text for Doctor Strange #13, the Sorcerer Supreme himself could flirt with the idea of becoming the next world eater after Galactus has been teleported to another dimension. Written by Mark Waid with art by Barry Kitson, the latest run of Doctor Strange has taken the Master of the Mystic Arts to space to face all kinds of cosmic threats.

In the text-less covered provided Marvel, Strange can be seen about to put on Galactus' iconic mask.

(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

When his run was originally announced, Waid made sure to mention how much he loved working with the vast Doctor Strange mythos that's been built over decades of comic book breating.

"I've been a Strange fan forever, but I've never been lucky enough to write an extended run featuring the good doctor," Waid admitted. "Along with editor Nick Lowe, we've come up with some new and very unexpected places to take Stephen Strange in the Marvel Universe – starting with the stars. When Strange's magic suddenly exhausts itself, he'll have to travel off-earth to recharge his batteries. Let's hope he survives the trip."

Jesus Saiz, who originally provided the art for the series, echoed Waid's passion for the project.

"Working on this book is an absolute delight," he said. "I've always enjoyed depicting bizarre characters in fantastic settings much more than portraying the real world, and in that sense this comic really delivers! I don't like to use photographic references, as you need to do when you are drawing a particular car, weapon, or specific New York street. I prefer to draw with inspiration directly from my head, and Doctor Strange is the perfect book for that!"

The full solicitation text can be found below.




• Galactus has been set loose on other dimensions!

• What effect will eating otherdimensional planets have on Galactus?

• It's up to Doctor Stephen Strange to make sure these effects don't destroy EVERYTHING!

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Doctor Strange #13 hits comic shops this April.