Marvel's Hellcat Gets an Unexpected New Sidekick

Marvel’s Patsy Walker has had a strange history in the Marvel Universe. Originally conceived as [...]

Marvel's Patsy Walker has had a strange history in the Marvel Universe. Originally conceived as the star of a slice-of-life teen humor comic, Patsy grew up, graduated high school, and went on to have a career. Then she became a superhero, joined the Defenders, married Daimon Hellstrom and ended up with Satan as a father-in-law. She and Daimon divorced, but Patsy has continued her superhero career. Now her life has taken another unusual turn with the addition of an unusual sidekick. The new twist in Patsy's life comes from a story in the third issue of Marvel's woman-focused anthology miniseries Fearless. The story, titled "Copycat," is written by Zoe Quinn, with art by Marika Cresta.

The story begins with Hellcat apparently causing a fire in New York City. Patsy Walker is awakened by a phone call from her good friend and frequent employer She-Hulk, aka the lawyer Jennifer Walters. She-Hulk tells Patsy what happened, assuming it wasn't actually Hellcat who did it. Lucky for her Jessica Jones is already there to help her find the real culprit.

This soon leads to Hellcat running into her old ex-husband, Daimon Hellstrom. It turns out that one of Daimon's demons from the hell dimension he runs escaped. But the demon isn't very good at being a demon. Instead, it was inspired by Patsy's memoir to try to be a superhero. It imitated Hellcat and went into the city and only caused the fire by accident.

Daimon is determined to bring the demon back to Hell, but Patsy sticks up for the demon. Instead, the demon returns to Patsy's apartment. It finds a new form for itself and is now Patsy's friend and ally, Ghost Cat, aka Cait Nekomata.

Ghost Cat
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

What do you think of the introduction of Ghost Cat? Let us know in the comments. Fearless #3 is on sale now.

Fearless #3
(W) Seanan McGuire, Zoe Quinn (A) Claire Roe, Cresta, Marika, Alti Firmansyah (CA) Yasmin Putri



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