Disney's Art of Marvel Hotel: An Immersive, Marvelous Experience at Disneyland Paris

A short walk away from Disneyland Paris and its Avengers Campus is the location's Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel. Originally the Hotel New York, the hotel originally designed in 2011 got a full-on Marvel theme with a redesign which opened up in the summer of 2021, earning the "Art of Marvel," addition to its name. It is the only hotel of its kind, offering Marvel fans an immersive experience where they are surrounded by familiar art designs, props, merchandise, and locations from the Marvel Comics and Marvel Studios' Marvel Cinematic Universe immediately upon arrival. ComicBook.com visited the hotel in December of 2022, taking in the marvelous experience with details below and in the video above from the Phase Zero channel!

Getting dropped off at night, the Art of Marvel hotel boasted a well-lit placard above its doors. Disney's Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel logo glows with a New York City skyline emerging beneath it, complete with the silhouette of Avengers Tower on its left side. This isn't your New York City, anymore. It's Marvel's New York City and you get to visit! If not for the nightly price, Marvel fans would probably never want to leave, either.

(Photo: Brandon Davis / ComicBook.com)

Walking inside, the immersion really begins. Eyes will go straight to the trio of Iron Man suits in a glass case or possibly to the variants of Captain America shields nearby but the doors lead to an intersection of all things Marvel. It's astonishing feeling, having loved the Marvel Universe for so many years and now being completely surrounded by it. 

The check-in counter is on the left, complete with a massive screen behind it showcasing close-up video shots of Marvel artists at work as they create characters and moments on pages. On the right is the Skyline Bar, a New York-themed lounge area with windows behind the bar offering a peak out at the New York City skyline. Avengers Tower is there and clearly the focus. Straight ahead, the doors for walk towards Disneyland Paris.

(Photo: Brandon Davis / ComicBook.com)

Every opportunity this hotel has to offer a Marvel theme, it takes. Heading to the rooms, a floor-to-ceiling piece of Avengers art by Alex Ross consumes a wall. To get to it, one must pass the New York Boutique which offers some Marvel merch ranging from exclusive Art of Marvel hotel pins and shirts, Marvel art prints, Hasbro collectibles, action figures, Scarlet Witch-themed Mickey ears, and more. Some of the products see their prices marked up in the hotel's gift shop compared to how much they would cost elsewhere. Ultimately, nothing about the hotel is low-priced. Stays start at no less than $878 per night for the next few months as of this article's publishing, with some nights jumping north of $1,500. It's an expensive experience and an all-encompassing one.

The rooms are saturated with sleek designs and Marvel iconography, not only in the theme but in the comfort and amenities. With no less than a dozen switches to control the lighting options to your liking, everything is designed to be accommodating. The bathrooms are gorgeous and the beds are comfortable. The shampoo and soap have Captain America art printed on them, the walls have Black Panther or Captain Marvel art posted, and the room's centerpiece mirror becomes a television which plays a calmly remixed version of the Avengers theme song if left on. Through this TV, information about room service or the nearby Disney Parks can be accessed for planning.

(Photo: Brandon Davis / ComicBook.com)

There's no overstating how much Marvel is going on here. The elevators are filled with advertisements for eating options in the hotel, many artistically themed like the Stark Expo from Iron Man 2 as a means to inform guests of the Downtown Restaurant, for example. When the doors open, each floor has a different floor-to-ceiling art piece based on characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The fifth floor had a thin, tall banner for the Guardians of the Galaxy. A different floor saw Black Panther and the Dora Milaje sprawling about 20-feet wide. The paper cups in the rooms for the coffee machine, whether espresso sized or bigger, have "Hero Up," written on them with other Marvel designs. A folder offers postcards with Marvel art on them, in my experience one with a Black Panther design on it. All of this can be seen in the video above from the Phase Zero channel.

Going back downstairs for dinner, a walk past a the Jack Kirby legacy gallery showcases some of the iconic artist's comic covers. They're not far from a massive Avengers comic cover which guests can pose inside of to see themselves on a cover in a cute photo opportunity or concept art from the Disney Parks designs. Disneyland Paris, EPCOT's Guardians of the Galaxy area, and California's Avengers Campus all have designs on display. It is the sort of art typically shown online or at Disney's D23 Expo but framed and mounted on the walls. It keeps the Marvel immersion at every corner alive and is truly a dream, as a Marvel fan, to walk around and try to observe everything. 

Further down the hallway is the Super Hero Station for an opportunity to take a photo with a super hero while the other direction leads to the Downtown Restaurant. Clocking in at more than $45 a guest for the buffet, the Downtown Restaurant offered endless food. Themed deserts included a Thor hammer made of ice cream and chocolate and a panna cotta with a Captain America shield placed on top. The venue carried the Marvel theme as the walls were plastered with black and white illustrations of Avengers characters and the place setting boasted the same design from the shampoo bottles and information folder.

Still, there's more. Quite a bit more. 


Brandon Davis, ComicBook.com


The Skyline Bar is where the adults can go catch a break and unwind after a day at the Parks. Maybe it is the place to catch up on e-mails or socialize with family or new friends. Either way, it is marvelous. The windows (made of TV screens) see Iron Man, Spider-Man, and the Quinjet fly by periodically which, in the few hours I spent there, never got old. 

The Skyline Bar's menu offers eight Marvel-themed drinks. Six of these adult beverages are themed after the Infinity Stones, each being colored (and sometimes named) after the Stones which drove much of the story in the Infinity Saga. It is an excellent touch and was enough to earn a purchase of all six, running a bill bigger than $125 in the end. Each has a very unique taste, meaning that there seems to be something for everyone on that menu. For those who love a cucumber-flavored drink, you can have the rest of my Time Stone-themed martini. It was the Mind Stone and Power Stone themed drinks which were the most enjoyable for me, the purple drink being a gin-based martini and the yellow drink coming with vodka.

The check came in a book with Marvel art etched into it and the napkins featured the hotel's logo on them. There is no overstating how Marvel really is everywhere here and, if fans are paying this much to experience the hotel, it should be. It was delightful.

Nearby is the Bleaker Street Lounge, a less immersive hangout area with a bar available. The brick walls and Doctor Strange art keep it themed for the Sorcerer Supreme, though it was far less immersive than the Skyline Bar. That said, the location was never open during the one-night stay, so perhaps it has something more to offer when it is occupied and active.

(Photo: Brandon Davis / ComicBook.com)

Outside of the hotel, statues of characters such as Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and Iron Man can be found. They are planted along a path to Disneyland Paris, where Avengers Campus is waiting. The hotel is a perfect pairing for an experience at the park, having the guests' minds geared towards Marvel day and night while in their hotel before walking over to an engaging experience which felt more immersive than that of its California counterpart. While Paris does not have the Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind attraction, Avengers Campus at Disneyland Paris offers a few other things which the California version does not. For example, there is a Stark Industries-themed eatery with a Hulkbuster inside, an Iron Man animatronic working with Brie Larson's Captain Marvel on a screen to open the Marvel-rebranded Rock'n Roller Coaster now known as Avengers Assemble: Flight Force, and a Quinjet which is closer to ground level and easier to see. The PYM Kitchen in France is a buffet, offering lots of themed food options for one price which makes them all visible for fun viewing (if not all being tasted) like a giant cheeseburger and Oreo or shrunken down hot dog, falling in line with the growing and shrinking themes of Ant-Man movies. 

Ultimately, the question for Marvel fans and consumers is likely whether or not the Art of Marvel hotel is worth the price. That's not a question that can be universally answered for all people but the best way to describe the experience would be that it gives you what you pay for. Similar experiences can be had at different locations, like the Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. in Las Vegas which would be the cheapest option lasting a couple of hours, a day at Avengers Campus in either of the Disney Parks offering it, or the fully immersive experience with wall-to-wall Marvel in a 4-star hotel with a friendly and helpful staff occupying an unforgettably immersive and comfortable space. Ultimately, Disney's New York Hotel – The Art of Marvel is a spectacular experience and wonderful place to stay, maximizing the Marvel theme during a trip to Disneyland Paris like nothing else.

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