Marvel's House of X Gives 5 X-Men a New Purpose

Marvel's newest issue of House of X finally started answering some big questions, and one of the [...]

Marvel's newest issue of House of X finally started answering some big questions, and one of the most important ones had to do with the Krakoa plants we've seen ever since the first issue. We now know what role they plan in the X-Men's success and current status quo, but that is directly tied to five specific individuals. This group is made up of some longtime members of X-Men canon and some relatively new or obscure characters as well, and even if you weren't surprised to see them you were not expecting them to be used in this way. Their purpose not only has significant ramifications going forward for the X-Men's survival in general, but also marks a big change for the characters and how they've been portrayed as well, and to get the lowdown on all of it you can check out our spoiler-filled recap below.

Magneto gives Lorna a rundown on his and Charles revised vision for mutants, one that did not focus on strength and aggressiveness but instead intelligence, ingenuity, and creativity. That's when we are introduced to The Five, a group of mutants made up of some surprising names, including Goldballs (yes, that Goldballs), Proteus, Elixir, Tempest, and Hope Summers, and they all have an important part to play in keeping mutants alive.

First, we learn that there is more to Goldballs' (Fabio Medina) abilities than just creating golden orbs of matter. Magneto reveals they discovered that those balls aren't just balls of biological matter, but eggs, and he can create a limitless supply of them.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

The next part of this process is Proteus, who can warp reality and make those eggs viable. You might wonder what they are viable for, and as Magneto describes they next inject those eggs with the preserved DNA of a mutant. That's where Elixir comes in, who kickstarts the process of cellular replication, paving the way for a mutant embryo to grow inside the egg.

That process would take quite a bit of time of course, but Tempest is able to control time, so she speeds up the process. That's when Magneto explains that while each member of the group couldn't achieve these feats on their own, they have Hope's abilities to unify them and allow all parts to run at peak velocity and unison.

(Photo: Marvel)

These five characters have become like family through this process, and have been at the same time redefined going forward in huge ways. If you thought Goldballs, Tempest, Elixir, Proteus, Hope, and more were just characters to push aside, that is not the case any longer.

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You can check out the spoiler images above.

House of X #5 is written by Jonathan Hickman and drawn by Pepe Larraz with colors by Marte Gracia and letters by VC's Clayton Cowles. You can check out the official description for the book below.

"Xavier's dream turns deadly for some of his students as they fight back against the humans' plan to eliminate them. Superstar writer Jonathan Hickman (FANTASTIC FOUR, AVENGERS, SECRET WARS) continues his reshaping of the X-Universe alongside Young Gun artist Pepe Larraz (EXTERMINATION, AVENGERS). The Future of the X-Men begins here!"

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