Legendary Marvel: The New Mutants Details Revealed

In 2019, Upper Deck announced a series of new expansions to the Legendary Marvel Deckbuilding game set for release in 2020. Among them was a new expansion inspired by The New Mutants, the first-ever X-Men spinoff team. Now Upper Deck has sent retailers new information about what's included in the 100-card expansion set. Upper Deck confirms that The New Mutants expansion will include team members Mirage, Wolfsbane, Sunspot, Karma, and Warlock as playable characters. The set also includes two new Masterminds and Villain groups. One of the masterminds is Belasco, the lord of Limbo. He'll lead the Demons of LImbo Villain group.

Some New Mutants fans may notice a couple of core characters from the group are missing from the expansion. Most of those characters are already playable in Marvel Legendary. Magik is included in the Secret Wars Vol. 1 expansion. Cannonball was included in the X-Men set. If you're a fan of Magma, you're out of luck. The character is not playable in Marvel Legendary, though she and the other New Mutants were included as recruitable Bystanders in the X-Men expansion.

Who could the other Mastermind and villain group included in The New Mutants set be? We'd speculate that The White Queen leading the Hellions is a strong possibility. The students at Emma Frost's Massachusetts Academy were longtime rivals of the New Mutants. Demon Bear also seems like a strong choice for inclusion as a Mastermind, especially since he's in The New Mutants movie, but there's no clear choice of Villain group for him to lead. Perhaps "The Demon Bear Saga" will be included as a Scheme and somehow emulate the Demon Bear's presence in another way.

Here's Upper Deck's description of the new set: "The super-powered, ragtag gang of teenagers might be too young to be X-Men, but they are nonetheless a powerful force to be reckoned with. Recruit these determined youngsters as they explore their mutant abilities, while attempting to thwart the machinations of malevolent Masterminds like Belasco and his Demons of Limbo!"

Marvel Legendary: The New Mutants releases on April 13th, timed perfectly with the release of The New Mutants movie. The film seeks to blend horror with superheroism as it adapts "The Demon Bear Saga" to film.


Are you excited about the new Marvel Legendary: The New Mutants set? Let us know in the comments section. The set will be followed later this year by the new Beyond the Cosmos expansion and The Eternals expansion.