The Marvel Legends Gamerverse Punisher War Machine Electronic Helmet is Spectacular


Hasbro Marvel Legends line of high-end prop replicas has produced some hot ticket roleplay toys, but this...THIS might be the greatest of them all. Feast your eyes on the Marvel Legends Gamerverse Punisher War Machine electronic helmet, which is inspired by Frank Castle's War Machine armor the Marvel Future Fight mobile game. It's a 1:1 scale helmet that will fit most adults, and it looks absolutely amazing.

We're going to discuss the features of this electronic helmet below, but time is of the essence on this one, so you might want to get right down to the pre-ordering. You can do that right here while supplies last ($99.99 with shipping slated for October). Note that it appears to be a Fan Channel exclusive release that will only be available through a handful of specialized retailers, so a sell out is inevitable.

Features of the helmet include two glowing LED eyes and a magnetized faceplate that can be detached and connected to the top (attaching and detaching the faceplate triggers the light-up eyes and sound effects). It also has a pretty spectacular paint job and finish - including an interior that mimics circuitry. Again, don't wait too long on this one. The prices on eBay after this helmet sells out will probably be astronomical.


As for the rest of Hasbro's Marvel Legends roleplay lineup, the Captain America Shield, Electronic Thor Hammer, Electronic Iron Man Helmet, Electronic Star-Lord Helmet, Infinity Gauntlet Electronic Fist are available to pre-order right here for the standard prices with free shipping slated for August - December. At the time of writing many these replicas are either sold out or exceedlingly expensive on Amazon and eBay so reserve yours while you can.


Inside the pre-order link above you'll also find the Marvel Legends Black Panther Electronic Helmet and Ant-Man Helmet, which are in stock now. There's also the brand new Nano Gauntlet Electronic Fist from Avengers: Endgame.

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