Loki Assembles New Avengers Team in 'Infinity Wars'

The Marvel Universe is in chaos, and Loki and his new team of Avengers may be its only hope.

SPOILERS for Infinity Wars #4 by Gerry Duggan, Miek Deodato Jr., and Frank Martin follow.

In the previous issue of Infinity Wars, Requiem - Gamora corrupted by her father’s influence and the seductive power of the Infinity Stones - uses the Infinity Stones, and the Soul Stone, in particular, to fold the universe into itself. In doing so, she combined every two souls into a single being.

This resulted in the creation of “warped” characters like Diamond Patch, a fusion of Wolverine and Emma Frost. Loki seems to be the only one who wasn’t merged with another character since he was beside Requiem when she committed the act and only placed into this new reality afterward.

As usual, Loki has a plan. That plan requires a specific group of heroes and villains, beginning with Emma Frost. Loki is able to pull Wolverine and Emma apart, leaving Logan to look for beers while Loki and Emma set about searching for the other souls Loki needs.

This search is made easier by Loki having been able to lightly influence Requiem while she was folding the universe. Those Loki needs to make his plan work were connected to each other. For example, Kamala Kang, the Conqueror, the fusion of Ms. Marvel and Kang the Conqueror. Loki and Emma are able to separate them back into their component beings and they join the group.

Next, they seek out Little Monster, a blending of Ant-Man and the Hulk. Once separated, Scott Lang and Bruce Banner emerge. But Loki doesn’t need Bruce Banner. He needs, as Emma says, “the other guy.” The Hulk emerges, though he doesn’t seem pleased to be there.

Infinity Wars Avengers Loki
(Photo: Mike Deodato Jr., Frank Martin, Gerry Duggan, Marvel Entertainment)

And thus Loki’s cosmic Avengers are assembled. They immediately set about finding Adam Warlock and rescuing him from Devondra, the monstrous, soul-eating spider-god that dwells within the soul gem.

In order to win the day, Loki and his team are going to need to fight a war on two fronts. They need to save Soul World, but also stop Requiem. And so Emma puts out the call to the other warped heroes of this new universe, and some like Soldier Supreme, ArachKnight, and Weapon Hex head the call.


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