Marvel Movies Will No Longer Be Released on Netflix Starting with 'Captain Marvel'

When Disney's streaming service was announced, one of the biggest questions for Marvel fans was [...]

When Disney's streaming service was announced, one of the biggest questions for Marvel fans was what it meant for the future of Marvel Cinematic Movie home releases.

Netflix has been the big debut platform for MCU films after the home video run, but now we know exactly when that era will end.

As revealed in a report from the New York Times, Captain Marvel will be the first Marvel Studios film to be offered exclusively through Disney's streaming service. Ant-Man and the Wasp will be the final MCU movies to get their streaming release on Netflix.

"Starting with 'Captain Marvel' in March, all of the films that Walt Disney Studios releases in theaters will subsequently flow to the Disney streaming platform instead of to Netflix," the New York Times reports.

In the larger sense, this is a pretty big blow to Netflix, as it won't just be Marvel movies that no longer debut on the streaming service, but all of the Disney animated films and the Star Wars films, as well. It furthers Disney's intended goal of launching a "Netflix-Killer" service that will offer viewers top-shelf content exclusively.

With Disney having finalized a deal to acquire 21st Century Fox's media assets, the Disney service will have a more massive library of movie and TV properties to offer. For the full breakdown of that side of the equation, go HERE.

As for Marvel fans wondering about the Marvel Netflix series, Disney isn't taking those toys away just yet. According to a Disney spokesperson, there are "no current plans" to move Marvel-themed television shows off Netflix.

Suddenly the incentive to sign up for Disney's streaming service appears to have increased exponentially. Not only will some of the most popular genre franchises be offered exclusively through that platform, there's also potential for any one of those IPs to be converted into some form of original content for the platform.

New Marvel shows? Star Wars shows? An Alien or Predator TV series? All possible. New (moderately budgeted) film projects in those franchises? Possible. The list goes on and on.

In other words: As of 2019, Netflix will find itself in a serious dogfight.