Marvel Releases New Mutants Trailer

The Dawn of X is upon us and New Mutants #1 has officially hit the stands at your local comic shop. One of the many books a part of Jonathan Hickman's reshaping of all mutant-kind, Marvel released a fresh new trailer to promote the series and its upcoming issues. Featuring the likes of Marvel Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski, X-Men group editor Jordan White, and writer Ed Brisson, the trailer teases the group's adventure into the depths of space in hopes of retrieving fellow mutant Sam "Cannonball" Guthrie.

"Rod Reis is doing the art. It is absolutely gorgeous. It has echoes of the classic Bill Sienkiewicz art, but it's doing its own thing and it's really beautiful," White says of the book's acclaimed art. Cebulski echoes the sentiment, saying "It just makes for this magnificent mutant manifesto that you cannot miss."

The first issue featured Reis' art and was co-written by Hickman and Brisson. The duo co-wrote the first two issues and will be rotating on the book after. December solicitations credit Brisson as the writer on #3 while Hickman has #4, apparently rotating every other issue.

Resident X-Men guru Jamie Lovett reviewed the series debut this week, calling it a bumpy start. "Being charitable, we can attribute this rough start to New Mutants as Hickman and Brisson setting the stage. They want to get the kids into space where the real fun will take place. It doesn't make the overlong road trip any more fun to read, but the view, at least, is astounding thanks to Reis' luscious artwork. It's exciting to think that Hickman and Brisson want to dig into these characters. Moving them away from the rest of the X-Men forces the focus onto their unique roles and personalities. Let's just hope they have something more interesting to say about these characters going forward," Lovett writes.

New Mutants #1 is out now and its second issue is scheduled for release November 27th.


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