Marvel Fans Are Furious They Didn't Get Squirrel Girl After Seeing Cancelled New Warriors Footage

Marvel's New Warriors series now lives in infamy as one of the "almost-was" comic book movie/TV projects that fans were robbed of. New Warriors was an especially tragic case, as the Marvel YA series was well ahead of its time in terms of bringing a diverse cast to the screen. From off-beat characters like Marvel's Squirrel Girl to some of the first openly LGBTQ+ characters in the Marvel live-action universe, New Warriors going to definitely give fans something different - until a "singular power that be" decided that the show was just too much to be released. 

Now that New Warriors showrunner Kevin Biegel has spoken out and let fans get a look at what New Warriors would've been, Marvel fans are furious that their chance to have a live-action Squirrel Girl is now gone!

WATCH The New Warriors Footage 

This is what we could've had people! EPIC stuff! 

We Finally Get To See It! 

For fans who really wanted this New Warriors series, just getting a peek at this footage is a major wish fulfilled. 

Never Get Anything Nice

Comic book fans have taken some hard losses in these live-action adaptations - but the Squirrel Girl fans have been waiting an especially long time. 

We Got A Director! 

A lot of fans want Bridesmaids and Ghostbusters reboot director Paul Feig for a Squirrel Girl movie. Why not? 

Studios Thirsty Now

No one gave Squirrel Girl a chance... until she was trending. Now let's see what happens! 

The Silver Lining 

There is a way that you can enjoy this version of Squirrel Girl that we would've seen in New Warriors. At least in animated form

Squirrel Girl The GOAT

The Marvel Cinematic Universe needs its strongest heroine if the likes of Kang, Dr. Doom, or Galactus are going to be rearing their evil heads.