These Overwatch Marvel Mash-Ups Are What Dreams Are Made Of

Popular artist Bosslogic has shared a series of mash-ups blending popular Marvel heroes with Blizzard Entertainment's popular Overwatch video game.

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The pieces reimagine Winter Soldier and McCree as "Winter McCree," Cyclops of the X-Men and Soldier: 76 as "76," and Captain Marvel and Zarya as "Zarya Captain Marvel."

A team-based multiplayer first-person shooter, the fan-favorite Overwatch has exceeded $1 billion in sales.

Marvel has less of a foothold in the video game arena: Disney recently shuttered Marvel Heroes after severing their relationship with publisher Gazillion Entertainment.

iOS and Android games Marvel: Contest of Champions and Marvel: Future Fight continue to be available on phones and Marvel has released console games Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series, Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite and LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 in the past year.


Sony Interactive Games and Insomniac Games will release Spider-Man, a Playstation 4 exclusive, sometime in 2018.