The Coveted Marvel Select Uatu the Watcher Figure Finally Gets a Reissue

First released by Diamond Select Toys for their Marvel Select line in 2005, this 9-inch Uatu the Watcher figure is a rare item that's highly sought after by collectors. Hopes were dashed when a reissue was cancelled in 2015, but it appears that the long wait might finally be over.

At the time of writing, the Marvel Select Watcher action figure is back up for pre-order here at Entertainment Earth for $27.99 with a release date set for October (mint condition packaging guarantee) / UPDATE: Sold out. Note that the original figure currently fetches prices in the $150 to $300 range on eBay, and there aren't many available.


As noted, the Watcher figure stands 9-inches tall. It also features 12 points of articulation and a moon diorama base.

If you are unfamiliar, Uatu is a member of the alien species known as the Watchers. Their job? Watching things. They observe species across the universe and record the events for posterity. Uatu keeps watch over Earth from his home in the Blue Area of the Moon. From the official description:

"Need someone to keep an eye on your Marvel Select collection? Uatu is back, baby! This highly sought-after action figure of Uatu the Watcher is finally back to add to your Marvel Select collection! Standing approximately 9-inches tall, this figure features 12 points of articulation and includes a moon diorama base. It comes packaged in the famous Select action figure packaging, with side-panel artwork for shelf reference."


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