Marvel Artist Provides Update on 'SHIELD'

It seems that work is complete on the long-awaited final two issues of Marvel Comics’ SHIELD [...]

It seems that work is complete on the long-awaited final two issues of Marvel Comics' SHIELD series.

Artist Dustin Weaver post some concept art to Twitter of what the Leonardo Da Vinci and Mina would look like once SHIELD was complete.

Take a look below:


The artwork prompted some questions about the status of SHIELD. Weaver confirmed that not only are his pencils finished, but the coloring of the pages is complete as well.

"My part on the last two issues has been done for years," Weaver tweeted. "The issues are colored too and have been for a long time."


If all of that is complete, then it is unclear what is holding up the release of these final issues of SHIELD. In September 2017, asked Marvel executive editor Tom Brevoort about the possible return of SHIELD writer Jonathan Hickman to Marvel.

"We just got his final dialogue in for those last two SHIELD issues, so sooner than you'd think!" Brevoort said.

Since then there has been no official announcement from Marvel concerning the future of SHIELD.

Hickman and Weaver's SHIELD debuted in 2010. The final two issues of the series at one point solicited by Marvel before being removed from their shipping schedule. Hickman confirmed that Weaver had completed his pencils for the issues as far back as 2014.

SHIELD revealed the secret history of Marvel's top espionage and security agency, going back to its founding in ancient times to defend the planet from cosmic threats like Galactus and the Brood. It also revealed that several important historical figures were members of SHIELD, including Leonardo Da Vinci, Isaac Newton, Michelangelo, Galileo, and Nostradamus. However, a rivalry between Newton and Da Vinci threatened to tear the brotherhood apart.

Hickman wrote several long series for Marvel Comics, including Secret Warriors, Fantastic Four, FF, Avengers, and New Avengers. He culminated his run at Marvel with the universe re-defining Secret Wars epic in 2015. He then went on sabbatical from Marvel while continuing to write creator-owned works like East of West and The Black Monday Murders, which are published by Image Comics.

The previously published issues of SHIELD can be found on ComiXology and Marvel Unlimited.