Marvel Releases 'Spider-Geddon' Launch Trailer

Marvel has officially released the launch trailer for the next major Spider-Man event, [...]

Marvel has officially released the launch trailer for the next major Spider-Man event, Spider-Geddon.

Spider-Geddon is the spiritual successor to the Spider-Verse event, once again bringing together versions of Spider-Man from across the Marvel Multiverse. But there are some significant differences between the two events.

"Spider-Geddon is going to be a little bit different than Spider-Verse in two main ways," Marvel Comics editor-in-chief CB Cebulski explains in the trailer. "In Spider-Verse, all the 'Spider' character, every single Spider-Man ever, left to go fight the infiltrators in different universes, but this time everything is coming home. Earth is the battleground. Marvel is 'the world outside your window' and every Spider-Man character and Spider-Man villain is now here to play."

Spider-Geddon is written by Christos Gage, who was involved with Spider-Verse and more recently was a writer on the hit PlayStation game Marvel's Spider-Man. That version of Spider-Man will also play a role in Spider-Geddon.

"There are a number of things that really excite me about Spider-Geddon, but one of the biggest would definitely be bringing the video game Spider-Man into the comics," Gage says. "I'm really excited to bring him into Spider-Geddon, which will take place after the events of the video game, so it is part of the continuity of the character."

But it won't be Peter Parker taking the lead role in Spider-Geddon. Instead, the spotlight falls on Miles Morales.

"To date, most Spider-Man events that you've seen have been surrounding the life and times of Peter Parker," Cebulski says. "Now, Peter's taking a back seat and Miles is taking a front and center to this. Miles Morales, who is new to the Marvel Universe, the new teen Spider-Man, the Kid Arachnid so to speak is going to be at the front and center of his first big Spider-Man event."

Gage adds, "There will be many, many Spider-characters. Pretty much, anyone you saw in Spider-Verse who survived will probably be back and there's one in particular who I didn't get to write last time around but I'm very excited to this time around."

Jorge Molina provides the artwork for Spider-Geddon.

"I've worked with Jorge Molina before on Avengers: The Initiative and he was terrific before, but I really find like with this he's leveled up in a major way."

"We have never told a bigger Spider-Man story," says executive editor Nick Loew. "In this story we have everything. Every Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Spider-animal, every Spider-thing ever is in this story. You do not want to miss Spider-Geddon!"

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Spider-Geddon #1 goes on sale October 10th.