Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige Has No Interest in Directing

For more than a decade now, Kevin Feige has been overseeing the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, turning a fledgling studio into a legitimate game-changer. The interconnectivity and intricate planning of the MCU turned the entire movie industry on its head, forever altering the way that we see franchises. Much of the success of the franchise can be attributed to Feige's commitment to quality and his undying love for comic books, setting him apart from other producers in Hollywood. At this point, the guy can do just about anything he wants, but it sounds like he's perfectly content staying right where he is.

The biggest movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, perhaps in all of entertainment, is arriving in just over one week's time, and Feige took some time to speak with Variety about its release. With Avengers: Endgame on the horizon, a whole new chapter of the MCU is about to begin, and Feige is about to start on yet another epic journey within the Marvel pantheon. With that in mind, Feige was asked if he might take a stab at directing one of the upcoming films, something he has yet to do in his time with Marvel.

Unsurprisingly, Feige isn't too keen on jumping into the director's chair. He'd much rather keep producing and overseeing multiple projects at a time.

"I have too much fun working at this level and having an impact on multiple movies at a time to work on only one thing," he said.

Feige has long been asked about directing Marvel projects, especially since he has such a keen eye for the characters and clearly knows what he's doing with a franchise. But the producer wants to keep producing, instead hiring up and coming directors to helm Marvel's biggest films. If you remember, Joe and Anthony Russo were only known for their work directing sitcom episodes before they were hired to helm Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and James Gunn was a low-budget horror director before getting his shot with Guardians of the Galaxy. Now it's time for new faces like Chloe Zhao to take the reins of Marvel's future.

Kevin Feige knows comic books, but he also knows people, and he know how to put the right people in the right places to make the very best product. That's why the MCU is as successful as it is, and it's damn good thing Feige doesn't want to change.



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