Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige Takes Pride In Rotten Tomatoes-Certified Fresh Plaques

Marvel Studios has released 17 films over their near ten year history without a single "rotten" in the batch. Only two — 2008's The Incredible Hulk and 2013's Thor: The Dark World — failed to achieve "certified fresh" status by review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, reaching a 67% and 66% fresh, respectively.

Asked by Vanity Fair if it matters to him that some critics have reversed their views on the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige said, "Sure, of course."

"We always want those Rotten Tomatoes-certified fresh plaques, right?" Feige said. "We're not going to get many other kinds of awards, but we take great pride in them. I'm always saying, 'Ryan [Stankevich, Disney publicity S.V.P.], where's our Rotten Tomato?' Because Rotten Tomatoes are great."

Feige is proud of the trophies sent out by Rotten Tomatoes awarded to movies that achieve "certified fresh" status, and takes even more pride in Marvel Studios' productions being well received by critics and audiences alike.

"They send this little Lucite, certified, fresh thing with the name of the movie on it," Feige explained. "We got them lined up around here. We take pride in it. There are cases where audiences and critics are not aligned. But I think, for the most part, they are, and I like it when people like our movies."

Marvel Studios recently made history when their shared universe became the first franchise to cross $5 billion at the domestic box office.

Their latest, Thor: Ragnarok, was Marvel's 17th consecutive #1 at the box office and the Thor threequel was for a time the highest-rated Marvel movie ever.

Marvel broke records again late last month when the anticipated first trailer for Avengers: Infinity War became the most watched movie trailer of all time in its first 24 hours.

Feige recently made headlines when it became known he is reportedly "eager" to get his hands on Fox's X-Men franchise — a franchise Feige once helped oversee and had many plans for before helping launch Marvel Studios.

Disney is close to buying out 21st Century Fox, putting the X-Men under the Disney-owned Marvel Studios umbrella and adding another potentially "certified fresh" franchise to Feige's cap.

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