'Thor: Ragnarok's Tessa Thompson Says Women Take Over Marvel's Phase Four

After an explosive debut in Thor: Ragnarok as the last remaining Valkyrie, Tessa Thompson is [...]

After an explosive debut in Thor: Ragnarok as the last remaining Valkyrie, Tessa Thompson is planning to take over the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And she'll have a ton of help as other powerful women emerge at the forefront of Marvel Studios' upcoming releases.

The actor spoke with Entertainment Tonight at the premiere of Black Panther, where Thompson revealed her excitement for the future of the superhero universe.

"In this film, there are all these incredible women in the form of Angela Bassett and Lupita [Nyong'o] and Danai [Gurira]," said Thompson. "We're going to see Brie Larson and her stand alone with Dewanda Wise, who is also here tonight, doing Captain Marvel. We'll see what happens with Valkyrie next, but yeah, the women rule supreme; they always have. But I think we'll see in the next phase [of Marvel films] that really translate on screen in a real way."

Thompson is certainly pointing out a shift in focus, from when characters like Black Widow and Gamora shared the screen with their male allies.

This summer sees the debut of the Wasp as she shares the title of the Ant-Man sequel.

Production has just begun on Marvel Studios' first solo film led by a woman, with Brie Larson playing the title role in Captain Marvel.

And rumors have started to pick up steam that Kevin Feige is finally ready to move forward on the long overdue Black Widow solo movie starring Scarlett Johansson.

As Thompson stated, this era is getting a major boost from Black Panther, featuring the King of Wakanda's elite group of warriors known as the Dora Milaje. T'Challa also aided by top espionage agent Nakia, played by Nyong'o, and his genius sister Shuri, played by Letitia Wright.

Thompson previously worked with Black Panther director Ryan Coogler in Creed, co-starring Michael B. Jordan, and pledged her support for her colleagues on the red carpet, calling the new movie an "incredibly important" step forward.

"I think with Creed - and I'm partial - but it really showed the emergence of such an important incredible filmmaker in the form of Ryan Coogler. So to get to see him take on this material, this epic material, is fantastic," Thompson said.

Black Panther premieres February 16th.