Marvel Television Head Jeph Loeb Reportedly Leaving Company

A lot of changes are coming to Marvel over the coming months as movie producer Kevin Feige is now [...]

A lot of changes are coming to Marvel over the coming months as movie producer Kevin Feige is now taking over as the creative head for every branch of the superhero company. This is a massive move, as Feige originally split Marvel Studios from the rest of the company after feuding with Marvel Entertainment Chairman Ike Perlmutter. While the Disney shareholder's future with the company is murky at this point, this is also leading to speculation that Marvel Television boss Jeph Loeb could be on his way out the door as well.

A new report from Variety indicates that Loeb is expected to leave Marvel Television soon in the wake of Feige's takeover, and is expected to sign an overall deal with another company.

Loeb is responsible for series such as Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, Daredevil, Cloak & Dagger, and the upcoming Offenders animated series that include Howard the Duck.

Marvel Television has been a separate entity from Marvel Studios but started out teasing their involvement in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the tagline "It's All Connected," but as the movies distanced themselves from the TV show events, they started to become more self-contained.

All of this comes from the acrimonious split between Feige and Perlmutter, with Disney boss Bob Iger even commenting on the dispute in his book "The Ride of a Lifetime," in which he detailed the decision to split Marvel Studios from Perlmutter's direction and give Feige creative freedom.

"We had a chance to make a great movie and to showcase an underrepresented segment of America, and those goals were not mutually exclusive," Iger wrote. "I called Ike and told him to tell his team to stop putting up roadblocks and ordered that we put both 'Black Panther' and 'Captain Marvel' into production."

Both those movies went on to make over a billion dollars at the box office, launching new franchises, while Marvel Television's output has dwindled over the year. Now that Feige is launching multiple series on the Disney+ streaming service, the writing has been on the wall that Loeb's purview over live-action series is declining.

Marvel and Loeb have yet to comment on the report yet, but with Agents of SHIELD ending next year and just Marvel's Runaways and Helstrom still in production on Hulu, it's looking like this is the end of an era for Marvel Television.